Denis A -Das Auge / Sith remixes(preview)

Denis A’s DAR label (and the DARDIGITAL offshoot) is on a creative roll in 2011, having already unleashed a series of stunning tracks they continue to make their mark around the globe with each new release. Now, in October 2011, the DAR label marks a landmark 25th release with the ‘Diamond Edition Remixes’ package featuring two stunning reworks of classic Denis A tracks by Bedrock’s legendary Nick Muir.
Denis A’s ‘Das Auge’ original (DAR017) was a delicious slice of deep dark groove creation, that showed exactly why his production skills are turning so many heads right now. Now that Nick Muir has worked his production magic on ‘Das Auge’, it has been transformed into a veritable monster!!! The big room vibes are most definitely flowing with this massive dancefloor destroyer from John Digweed’s Bedrock studio partner.
Das Auge (Nick Muir Remix) Video:
The original version of Denis A’s ‘Sith’ appeared on DAR016, as an intense percussion led throb monster with a superb breakdown, and was hailed as a superb adventure in new electronic dance music. For his new edition, Nick Muir piles on the pressure and builds the level of explosive intensity to the maximum, as a true master of his art should.
Sith (Nick Muir Edition) Video:
Nick Muir has been a producer of superb electronic dance music for many years now and has been involved in many pivotal moments in the world of club music. He has in many ways helped to define genres & push the boundaries further. Never one to rest on past laurels, Nick Muir is always developing his sound in an exciting direction as these two new remixes show.
On this sort of form, the prospect of the next 25 releases on this exciting Russian label is a very exciting one indeed!

1. Das Auge (Nick Muir Remix) 08.38
2. Sith (Nick Muir Edition) 06.41
(DAR) DAR025
Made in Russia
Mastered by Robert Babicz
12” Vinyl / Digital
Release: Ltd Vinyl 12/9/11 – Beatport Exclusive 03/10/11 – General Digital Release 31/10/11


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