Dro Carey -Journey with the Heavy(Ramp Recordings)

RAMP is very proud to present the first release on the label from new signing, Dro Carey.

Coming straight outta Sydney, Austraila, the DroC has been actively freaking people out with his Brain So Soft Tumblr for the past 18 months, earning him a place in FACT Magazine’s coveted Ones To Watch in 2011. A few almost impossible to get hold of releases on Will Bankead’s Trilogy Tapes, Templar Sound, and Ikonika’s Hum&Buzz, labels followed, along with an epic 2 hour FACT mix.

Both an audio and visual artist, Dro arrives at RAMP with new EP; Journey With The Heavy, and first real mission statement to the world. Written as a love letter to early House music, Carey’s EP is as unhinged and hazy as his previous work, but showing a new, fresh, focused approach to his sound. His music lands deep in the Atlantic, equidistant from both the frantic rhythms of modern day London & yearning dulcet harmonies of Detroit.

Artist: Dro Carey
Title: Journey with the Heavy
Format: 2×12” & Digital
Label: Ramp Recordings
Release: 05 December 2011

1a. Talk Smak
2a. Tarred Adonis
3b. 958
4c. Motorvibe
5c. Brite Lotion
6d. Journey With The Heavy
7. Velvet mouth (Digital Exclusive)


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