Stefan Tretau – Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

“Nope, ‘Yesterday you said tomorrow’ is not at all a reference to the delayed release of this EP. In fact, Stefan Tretau is a very welcome guest not only on Broque. With several releases on Fortek, NightDriveMusic or Sounderground, Stefan has proven his skills more than once and gathered a wealth of positive feedback already. His new EP comes with seven versatile gems of brilliant electronic music: ranging from swinging Dub House, chord- and stab-driven cut-up-variants to balearic downbeats. The Ruhr Area-inhabitant tells a story of his very own musical voyage, that started sometime in the 90s in Mühlheim a.d. Ruhr. And one thing is for sure: this journey is far from over just after these fresh new ideas and tracks of his latest EP on Broque.”

LABEL Broque
ARTIST Stefan Tretau
TITLE Yesterday You Said Tomorrow
RELEASE November 2011

1. Stefan Tretau – Ode To Cat (7:29)
2. Stefan Tretau – Just Another Day (6:18)
3. Stefan Tretau – Crush And The Matter (5:40)
4. Stefan Tretau – Bouncing With Bud (7:38)
5. Stefan Tretau – Sub Severe (7:29)
6. Stefan Tretau – Duke On The Run (7:40)
7. Stefan Tretau – Zero Gravity (7:15)


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