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Lindstrøm – Six Cups Of Rebel out February 6th, 2012 +free download

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With the latest album from dance producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm,Norway’s latest entry in the space race has been launched
out of the wooded outskirts of Oslo. Six Cups Of Rebel, Lindstrøm’s fourth solo album, is a super-sized cosmic disco rocket that burns up a galaxy of eclectic influences in its wake, from Bach to Deep Purple, from Prog rock and arpeggiator disco to Acid House, while sounding sleek and utterly contemporary. He may worship at the temple of godlike European DJs from the 80s like Daniele Baldelli and Beppe Loda, but the relentless, occasionally monumental scale of Six Cups Of Rebel has the power to move mountains all by itself.
From the opening “No Release” – a five-minute coitus interruptus of cascading cathedral organ – to the pumping Detroit pistons of “Call Me Anytime” and the wah-wah stabs and fizzing 808 basslines of the title track, Six Cups Of Rebel acts like a star map of Lindstrøm’s own voyage to the outer limits of electronic music. When he holds back, as on the ten-minute “Hina”, it’s only to let rip with added propulsion, like a satellite using a planet’s orbit to push it to the next level.
In the Lindstrøm discography stretching back to 2003, albums tend to be a small interruption in a constant stream of remixes and 12”s (including one, under the anonymous moniker Six Cups Of Rebel, on the Feedelity label in 2005). He forms part of a constellation of Nordic producers that includes Diskjokke, Todd Terje and Bjørn Torske, Prins Thomas, He also regularly collaborates with fellow Norwegian space disco wizard Prins Thomas, whose self-titled album received much acclaim last year.
But is the “cosmic disco” label a medallion or a millstone? “If cosmic’ means music without any limits, I don’t mind being discussed in these terms,” says Lindstrøm. “I guess my definition of ‘cosmic’ comes from listening to mixtapes from Daniele Baldelli, Beppe Loda and other ‘cosmic’ DJs. And what is typical of the music that these tapes consist of, is a wide range of diversity, both in musical style, sound and genre. I leave it to other people to label/tag my music this or that, but it’s true that these legendary tapes has been a massive inspiration for me over the years. I really believe in mixing up everything, and having no respect for the traditional way of doing things.”
One major innovation on Six Cups Of Rebel is the use of vocals, a first for Lindstrøm. On “De Javu” it mutters about “that feeling
that you!ve been here before” – an uncanny sensation that echoes his own music. There’s “Magik”, with its eccentric falsetto call
and response, and the sarcastic laughter in “Six Cups Of Rebel”.
Lindstrøm: “I have to admit that the decision of including vocals has been with mixed feelings. I’m no vocalist, but I wanted to
include my own voice this time. I’ve been trying out different approaches on how the inclusion of vocals would sound ‘right’ for
the music. In the end, I decided that everything was allowed, including pitching, stretching and all kinds of voice-processing and
manipulation. The vocals here isn’t the most important element, but just another part of the music, as important as the cowbell,
the ARP Solina string synthesizer or the free-running arpeggios. Lyrically, I’ve been more interested in repeating mantras, simple
repeating sentences without any other meaning than what’s being actual said or sung. Might sound stupid for others, but makes
perfect sense to me.”
Unusually for a dance album, it’s introduced with a grand swell of mighty church organ, an aching tension-builder that refuses
drop the beat for a tantaslising five minutes. “I initially planned to do this live in a church somewhere,” says Lindstrøm, “but I
really like that semi-natural feeling you get when combining MIDI-organs together as one big-sounding artificial church organ. So I
ended up doing it in my studio instead.”
He cites the likes of Jon Lord, whose gnarly organs gave so much classical flavour to the early Deep Purple. “I wanted to give the
opening track that ‘larger than life’ feeling, similar to how I remember those old Heavy Metal albums from my youth. And
nothing is larger than a church organ…”
“Quiet Place” is the album’s other major curveball: an eccentric club banger that pleads, “All I want is a quiet place to live”… Not
the normal sentiments of a man who spends much of his life rocking international dancefloors. “It’s just a simple desire to live
somewhere quiet,” he says. “Nothing fancy. In fact, I do have a cabin in the woods just outside of Oslo that’s being used for
recreation, and growing of vegetables and fruit trees. And I don’t find that too weird for a dance track. I mean, who hasn’t been
to a disco, dancing to boring music, wishing for someplace else? I do that all the time.”
In fact, for an audio astronaut, this music’s maker is surprisingly down to earth, a family man turning out his music from a factory
floor-type existence. “Well, I don’t believe in sitting up all night drinking and waiting for that special moment of inspiration. I’m
working every day at the studio, nine to four, and I’m totally happy with a straight lifestyle. Being away on tour for more than
four days makes me uncomfortable and grumpy. In fact I usually get homesick before I leave home. I love Mondays, and
discovering that everything is just as I left it on Friday afternoon…

Artist: Lindstrøm
Title: Six Cups Of Rebel
Format: CD/2xLP
Label: Smalltown Supersound/Feedelity
Release: 06.02.2012

01. No Release
02. De Javu Download
03. Magik
04. Quiet Place To Live
05. Call Me Anytime
06. Six Cups Of Rebel
07. Hina

French duo Housse De Racket tour w Yelle starts 12/2 + Free “Roman” Remix MP3

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French Duo House De Racket Embarks on
First Ever USA Tour Opening for Yelle 

Free download: Housse De Racket 
“Roman” (Alvin Risk Remix)  HERE
“Chateau” video HERE

Housse De Racket Tour Dates:
w/ Yelle
12/02: Miami, FL @ Fillmore
12/03: Orlando, FL @ Social/Plaza
12/04: Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits
12/05: Atlanta, GA @ Loft
12/07: Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
12/08: New York, NY @ Webster Hall
12/09: Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
12/10: Philadelphia, PA @ Transit

For the first time ever, French synth-rock duo Housse de Racketwill be stepping foot left of the Atlantic Ocean when they tour the United States with fellow Frenchmen, pop trio Yelle, beginning December 2nd at the Fillmore in Miami, FL. The tour will be making additional stops in Georgia, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The tour is following the release of their sophomore album, Alesia.  In honor the tour, Housse de Racket is releasing a sneak preview tour video, as well as a remix of their first single Roman on November 22nd.


Machinedrum – SXLND(stream)

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Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum on LuckyMe, new EP out soon

Download Machinedrum – The World Famous Show Mixtape

My Best Fiend sign to Warp + free MP3 giveaway & announce Dec. 15th show

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First music available to stream and download now

New York five-piece My Best Fiend deal in epic, hypnotic melodies that cross the emotional and experiential spectrums. The band’s current incarnation was formed in 2009, and since then, they’ve been winning over audiences with their live sound and dynamic performances. “Higher Palms” is a mesmerizing new track, not designed to shrink into the background, with each note, chord and vocal demanding your full attention. It is available for listening, sharing and enjoying below.

They will also be playing a show on Thursday, December 15th in Brooklyn at Shea Stadium.

Stream “Higher Palms”  

Download or embed “Higher Palms” from here:

“Higher Palms” will be available as a limited 7” single on January 23/24, 2012.

Cazwell’s “Unzip Me” featuring Peaches (video)

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Cazwell and Peaches
Unzip Me

Underground dance icons team up for new single.

 It’s a match made in some debauch heaven.  Underground electro sensation Cazwell and alternative dance queen Peaches haveteamed up for the raunchy electro banger“Unzip Me”.  The video, directed by Bec Stupak (Lady Gaga’s Alejandro).  The track will appear on Cazwell’s upcoming full-length Hard To Be Fresh, which is set to be released in 2012 from Peace Bisquit.

The track’s powerful house beat and steady undulating synths are a perfect canvas forCazwell’s playful lyricism.  Peaches adds even more of an edge with her signature risqué sensibilities.  Besides being a great match musically, the duo make a staggering visual combo.  Surrounded by bright colors and strobe lights, Peaches is clad in outrageous outfits and makeup while Cazwell can’t seem to keep his clothes on.

Watch the “Unzip Me” video .

Since his debut in 2008, Cazwellhas been no stranger to collaborations with visually striking frontwomen.  He was the executive producer and chief songwriter on Amanda Lepore’s debut album I…Amanda Lepore and served as an opening act for Lady Gaga.  Responsible for such viral hits as Ice Cream Truck and I seen Beyonce at Burger KingCazwell has amassed over 6 million Youtube views and sold over a quarter of a million singles online.  He’s also experienced great success on TV with his very own show BoomBox, currently in its second season of filming on HereTV. 

Peaches has been one of the most exciting figures to watch in music, performance and art since The Teaches of Peaches debuted in 2000.  Of their collaboration on “Unzip Me”Cazwell states: “It was an honor to work with the queen of electro.  She’s someone I’ve admired and wanted to emulate because of her punk rock, no limits spirit.”Peaches brings that spirit to “Unzip Me”, saying that she “loved trashing the drum kit”.

Birdy – Shelter (Essáy’s Tearful Edit)

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we like everything from birdy,this one to and its free download ,click on buy link

Snow & Voices “Maybe Finland”(Video)

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Snow & Voices is a band from Los Angeles consisting of keyboardist Jebin Bruni and vocalist Lauri Kranz. For the recording of their album, Anything That Moves, they surrounded themselves with a musical collective consisting of friends and musicians including Joey Waronker, Joshua Grange and Chris Bruce. Their third album to date, Anything That Moves is a multi-layered aural landscape. The album features eight original songs written by Kranz and Bruni, plus their cover of the Red House Painter’s (Mark Kozelek) “Mistress”. Produced by Jebin Bruni and Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Beck), Anything That Moves commits the band to the moody dream-pop sound that they have become known for.

Director Shannyn Sossamon says: “I love Lauri’s voice. When she asked me to make the video for Maybe Finland, I was happy to do it. Ravi Dhar, a friend and cameraman, had been wanting to have fun with slow motion on his Canon – which was actually perfect for Lauri’s voice and the songs atmosphere. We made it one late night at Ravis house where Lauri was a trooper, having to dance for hours and hours without a clear end in sight. Here it is. Enjoy the video!”

more info