Cazwell’s “Unzip Me” featuring Peaches (video)

Cazwell and Peaches
Unzip Me

Underground dance icons team up for new single.

 It’s a match made in some debauch heaven.  Underground electro sensation Cazwell and alternative dance queen Peaches haveteamed up for the raunchy electro banger“Unzip Me”.  The video, directed by Bec Stupak (Lady Gaga’s Alejandro).  The track will appear on Cazwell’s upcoming full-length Hard To Be Fresh, which is set to be released in 2012 from Peace Bisquit.

The track’s powerful house beat and steady undulating synths are a perfect canvas forCazwell’s playful lyricism.  Peaches adds even more of an edge with her signature risqué sensibilities.  Besides being a great match musically, the duo make a staggering visual combo.  Surrounded by bright colors and strobe lights, Peaches is clad in outrageous outfits and makeup while Cazwell can’t seem to keep his clothes on.

Watch the “Unzip Me” video .

Since his debut in 2008, Cazwellhas been no stranger to collaborations with visually striking frontwomen.  He was the executive producer and chief songwriter on Amanda Lepore’s debut album I…Amanda Lepore and served as an opening act for Lady Gaga.  Responsible for such viral hits as Ice Cream Truck and I seen Beyonce at Burger KingCazwell has amassed over 6 million Youtube views and sold over a quarter of a million singles online.  He’s also experienced great success on TV with his very own show BoomBox, currently in its second season of filming on HereTV. 

Peaches has been one of the most exciting figures to watch in music, performance and art since The Teaches of Peaches debuted in 2000.  Of their collaboration on “Unzip Me”Cazwell states: “It was an honor to work with the queen of electro.  She’s someone I’ve admired and wanted to emulate because of her punk rock, no limits spirit.”Peaches brings that spirit to “Unzip Me”, saying that she “loved trashing the drum kit”.


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