Hakan Ludvigson releases Soulroom LP on Clubstream this December(stream)+free download

“SOULROOM” is a deep affair, mysterious, dreamy electronica with a driving, bass-heavy tech-house beat. The album is mostly vocal, and features five different singers and two guest producers. The first single “Nothing Ever Ends”, one of the more catchy numbers, has been played on radio all over Sweden.

01 The Soft Starlight
02 Goodbye feat. Coni
03 Nothing Ever Ends
04 Take My Soul
05 July Download
06 With You Always
07 Amazing
08 Darkness feat. Coni
09 The Obvious Next Step
10 Freesoul
11 Yra Myra
12 Something About The People
13 Beautitude

Download July

Producer, songwriter, DJ and record label owner; at 27, Håkan Ludvigson has already begun to make an imprint on the electronic music scene. In September 2011 he is taking the big leap as an original artist, releasing his debut artist album “Soulroom” on CD on his own Substream label.



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