Magical Mistakes -Special Friends EP+free downloads

Magical Mistakes
Special Friends EP
Release Date: 1/24/2011

Special Friends EP is a collection of collaborations, remixes, and two original tracks put together over the last 6 months.
Now living in a sparsely populated village in the mountains, I’ve found myself with an abundance of inspiration and time to further explore production. This is a taste of what I’ve been working on.

I’m particularly excited about the roster of people who were involved with this release– Melissa Sweat (Lady Lazarus/California), Jordan Lee (Mutual Benefit/Boston), Kubo Masayuki (And Vice Versa/Osaka) and Wong Lip Chin (visual artist in Singapore). They are all fantastic in their own right and I was excited to get creatively engaged with such a wide variety of cool people.

Magical Mistakes contextualizes Lady Lazarus‘ gentle croon amidst a hissing ambient soundscape- a place that I don’t want to ever have to leave.-ZenTapes

There’s always been something cutting about the music of Erik Luebs. Even the duality in his name, Magical Mistakes, suggests an appeal to more than just one part of your being. It’s music for the train, when you know what your leaving behind, but you’re not a hundred percent sure about where you’re headed. -SmokeDon’tSmoke

…listen through a decent pair of headphones, lock your door, and close your eyes.-NeighborhoodBrains

Special Friends EP Free Downloads

Pre-order via bandcamp:
More Info:


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