Rebel Sonix: Get UP On It 20th February 2012


Get Up On It feat. Jamie Wallace & Joachim Says

First single release from Rebel Sonix 2012 EP

EP Impact Date: 20th February 2012

Rebel Sonix are incredibly excited to announce their genre-breaking EP fresh for 2012.  The EPWaiting For Jah is a collection of three diverse songs that meticulously intertwine dubstep, moombahton and drum and bass.  All three tracks have been long in the making from this producer duo, so they are releasing them individually from now through March 2012 and when the summer v-mix and secret collaberations will be ready for release.

The first track released Get Up On It ( mixes UK dubstep and grime with blaring horns and sub bass.  It began as a remix for Canadian artist Empire Isis ( but quickly evolved into a collaboration.  Also featuring vocals from Jamie Wallace, one-half of UK acoustic/grime duo I Am One Project and Labrinth DJ, UK MC/Producer Joachim Says (


The other two tracks on the EP:

Waiting For Jah (one of Rebel Sonix first tracks ever created) got a moombahton facelift with the help of badman Geek Boy and a sample of Cocoa Tea from a BBC documentary on Jamaican music.  The result:  a wicked drumstep track with dirty bass stabs and an uplifting synth.  The video for Waiting For Jah contains iconic Jamaican images mashed up in true Rebel Sonix fashion.

The final track of the EP is an Eastern tinged dubstep track with a rolling bass calledShangri-La.  Shangri-La samples cheeky Bruce Lee from the film Enter the Dragon.  The track was produced around the time of 2011’s Glastonbury festival where Rebel Sonix threw down some heavy bass on the Shangri-La stage.

The 2012 EP is only the beginning of a busy release schedule for Rebel Sonixthis year.  Keep those eyes and ears open.

Live date: 11th February @ Book Club, London // //


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