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Mustard Pimp Free Download Album

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Grab it for free HERE

Gemma Ray Announces New Album, Island Fire+free download

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Gemma Ray Announces New Album 
Island Fire out May 29th

Catch Her On Tour This March and at SXSW

UK maverick songstress Gemma Ray has gone all out with her latest and most ambitious album Island Fire,out May 29th   Bronze Rat. True to previous eclectic form, the album is a trip through Gemma’s ever-growing, over-flowing bag of tricks. From lavish orchestral alt-pop (“Bring Ring Ring Yeah”), to intimate stop-you-in-your-tracks tracks (“Flood And A Fire”), to bitter-sweet girl-group-sounds (“Put Your Brain In Gear”) to brooding psychedelia (“Make It Happen”) to a sci-fi waltz (“Rescue Me”), and much more besides.  Runaway, to be released as a 10” on 4/17 (Record Store Day) , is Link Wray’s guitar laid over a cheap drum machine, but bottle-rocketed to God Knows Where with a new level of posh, courtesy of vocal harmonies galore and runaway (yes, runaway) strings. It shouldn’t really make sense. On paper it probably doesn’t. But that’s the whole point of being taken by surprise, right?

Download  Gemma Ray -Runaway


To top the album off, Gemma instigated an unprecedented collaboration with Ron and Russell Mael, also known as Sparks. In what can only be described as Sparks covering Gemma Ray covering Sparks, the end result is a Sparks re-interpretation of Gemma’s interpretation of Sparks. ENOUGH!! All you need to know is the two tracks that are the result of this unlikely meeting of minds appear on the album as bonuses, after already being released as a must-own* 7” complete with artwork by Rick Froberg (Obits/Hot Snakes). (* you’re too late)

Blowing sugary femme-pop out of the water, Gemma Ray is untouchable” – NME

Gemma Ray 2012 Tour Dates:
2/29: New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall
3/5: Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
3/6: Atlanta, GA @ Star Bar
3/7: Nashville, TN @ TBD
3/8: Savannah, GA @ Savannah Stopover Festival
3/9: Tuscaloosa, AL @ Green Bar
3/10: Baton Rouge, LA @ Chelseas
3/11: Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
3/12: Austin, TX @ CNN Grill (Max’s Wine and Dive) – 10pm (SXSW)
3/14: Austin, TX @ Tap Room on Six, 11 p.m. (SXSW)
3/15: Austin, TX @ Redeye Artist Lounge, (Okay Mountain Art Gallery), 11 a.m. (SXSW)
3/15: San Antonio, TX @ Big Spill Festival
3/16: Austin, TX @ Jacked Stage, 1 p.m. (SXSW)

Lana Del Rey – Video Games Remixes (Preview)

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Jason Lanox – Burning Every Bridge That I Cross To Find Some Beautiful Place To Get Lost

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RELEASE 15th March 2012

The friendship with Jason Lanox and HENK goes way back into the early days when we started holding parties on an old shipyard in Amsterdam. From the first moment HENK was captured by the productions of Jason Lanox. HENK followed him closely and saw him grow as a person, producer and performer. The first album ”Burning Every Bridge That I Cross To Find Some Beautiful Place To Get Lost’’ was the reason to finally realize the long kept ambition to start HENK recordings.

Against all new digital trends, HENK deceided to honour this impressive productional superiority with a classic vinyl press. The last couples of months we have worked with a great team of artists, technicians and friends to fine tune this double 12 inch masterpiece which will be in the shops from 15th of march 2012.

This concept album represents a turbulent period in Jason’s life, which he describes as one endless night full of story’s, people and experiences. With this record he gives you a personal invitation to his musical dairy. Wipe the dust off your record players and get caught up with his amazing cinematic tracks, which have a perfect balance between an intense deep listening experience and on the other side a melodic techno drive which we all know from his energetic live performance.

Jason about his first release:

”There was a period in my life where I traded the days with nights. It’s hard to separate all those nights in my memory, so thinking back to this period, it feels like one endless night full of story’s, people and experiences.

It was in this period that this album was created, although I didn’t know then that it would become an album. I was simply using music to express and register my feelings and story’s. Kind of like a musical diary, I naturally just felt the urge to do that.

In those nights, full of story’s, there is love, depression, friendship, crazy conversations, losing myself, druggy-trips, destruction, party’s, after-party’s and in the end: finding myself, learning who I am, what is right and what is wrong and making the transition to balance and see the beauty of it all.

The title of the album ‘Burning Every Bridge That I Cross, To Find Some Beautiful Place To Get Lost’ explains the concept that when you get lost there is never a way back but a path which leads to finding something beautiful.

I created a story of one night that represents this period in the form of an album. When the album starts the night falls, and when the album finishes, it is morning. Making this a concept album telling a story within a story.’’

Joachim Spieth “Sensualized” on Affin

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German DJ / Producer Joachim Spieth returns on Affin with a superb remix ep of his successful tune “Sensual” from the label’s 100th release. Therefore Spieth included Brendon Moeller, Reggy Van Oers & Jamal Moulay. It’s impressing to see the variety the guys put out of the original.

Brendon Moeller (Echologist/Steadfast Records) comes up with flowing fx lines, fat stabs, nice added chords, just a massive reshape. Reggy Van Oers version is more on the chords. So this one tends to be a straight but very clear sounding techno trip you won’t forget. Jamal Moulay shows a different insight on it. A fat kick, layered chords and some nice acid extracts on a base that seems to develop constantely. Nice rework.

ARTIST Joachim Spieth
REMIXERS Brendon Moeller,Jamal Moulay,Reggy Van Oers
TITLE Sensualized
RELEASE 5th March 2012

1 Sensual Brendon Moeller mix
2 Sensual Reggy Van Oers mix
3 Sensual Jamal Moulay mix
4 Sensual

“Sensual” original was already charted & played by Shlomi Aber, DVS1, Electric Indigo, Agaric, Vidal, Patrick Siech, Steve Parker,…

Ada – Every Dog Has Its Night

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LABEL Areal Records
TITLE Every Dog Has Its Night
RELEASE 7th March 2012

Only the Techno Siren, with her Pandora box of wonky keys, could rouse the dormant AR creature. Every Dog Has Its Night is her groggy sonnet, to unclog the crust of a three-year slumber from bleary bloodshot eyes. Fashioned from transitory bed times between sleep and awake, it’s the hazy candied daydream awash with choral watercolours before monkey chattering memories usher in consciousness. I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to work. I want to stay right here, in blissful limbo, with Ada, with you.

Metope on the other hand has been dancing all night. The sun is rising, but he is sinking into a 4/4 reverie, remembering the time when you swayed just so. The floor was one, but now I am alone. I’ll ride out the day with your voice tickling my soul, until the night returns and I can find you once more.

Every Dog Has Its Night paves the way for 100 Jahre Areal —a compiled homage to AR’s older, wiser parent label, set to release next month. Calling upon its roster family—including Basteroid, PascalFEOS, Hrdvsion, The Cheapers, Falko Brocksieper and many more—100 Jahre Areal presents fresh works, using samples from its back catalogue. From Basteroid’s Areal-founding Automatique / Drehoment release up to Metope’s Betaowl / The Quiek EP—a total of 57 records spanning nine years have been transformed into specimens. Turned on by their own creators and spliced into even more fantastical reinventions. But first there is Ada.

Let her dog have your night.

Mefjus – Far Too Close / Distantia(preview)

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Label: Neodigital
Release Date: 19.03.2012
Cat No: NDGTL003

Phace & Misanthrop’s Neodigital label returns with a weighty third release from Mefjus, both tracks incorporating the highest quality production levels as ever.

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