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Futureboogie 10

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2012 sees Futureboogie reach a decade in the land of club, a period in which the Bristol-based brands long running night and artist led agency has helped propel the city into the heart of dance music’s path. The special compilation ‘10’ marks their assault and an end to the year that brought new label, Futureboogie Recordings (FBR), into the equation and the brand to dizzying new heights.

Launching with the anthemic ‘Father Father’ by label co-founder Julio Bashmore last April, the Futureboogie label has been swiftly rising ever since. Every vinyl release has been a sell out with demand for new output at high frequencies and new fans have not been disappointed with their ubiquitous and eclectic take on beats and bleeps from an impressive cast of new artists.

FBR has brought a slew of fresh Bristol talent to the wider dance community. From the low slung beats of Behling & Simpson with their sub 116bpm take on house to Christophe & Lukas´ old school referencing but fresh as you like dance floor killers and Waifs and Strays honest interpretation of forward thinking house music, FBR has proved itself to be an authentic and daring imprint dropping anything from Balearic downtempo to garagey anthems and main room thumpers.

Futureboogie’s upcoming, aptly titled ‘10’ long player showcases the breadth of styles that they encompass. The album contains all brand new exclusive tracks from all the label´s core artists – Christophe, Lukas, Waifs & Strays, Behling & Simpson – plus new additions to the stable Eats Everything, Maxxi Soundsystem, Crackazat Type Sun who will all be releasing material on Futureboogie Recordings in 2012.

The album comes in unmixed format and offers a snapshot of Futureboogie’s insight and attitude. A poetic translation of the Bristol landscape that is bold and sharp, ‘10’ emerges triumphantly with the soaring strings of Typesun Last Home’. The broken beats of new Bristol name Crackazat develop this loose improvised feel, before staple artists Behling & Simpson splinter and each serve up tasty solo infusions.

Eats Everything has come to be one of the biggest success stories from Bristol in 2011, following hot on the heels of label cofounder, Julio Bashmore. EE’s BBC Radio 1 Essential mix was even recorded live at Bristol’s nighttime mecca, Motion. This enigmatic local hero contributes two tracks to ‘10’, and notably gears up the tempo while hinting at some exciting forthcoming material from him on the imprint. Other new faces Maxxi Soundsystem and Waifs & Strays have been busy making waves on not only FBR but also many of the best current labels, distilling their influence across styles and borders.

Label: Futureboogie Recordings
Cat no: FBRCD001
Distribution: Republic of Music
Released: Monday February 27th, 2012


  1. Typesun – Last Home
  2. Crackazat – Passagem
  3. Simpson – Til U Were Dead
  4. Behling – Last Chance
  5. Eats Everything – Slink
  6. Maxxi Soundsystem – Into The Future
  7. Christophe – The Scene
  8. Eats Everything & Lukas Present The Eel – 0200
  9. Waifs & Strays – Back Down
  10. Lukas – Space Junkie Race


The past few years have thrown Bristol into the spotlight of house music. The quality levels have blown off the roof and Futureboogie is a huge part of the scene’s success. ‘10’ draws heavily from the strong pool of local talent while introducing some close musical friends who fall outside the postcode. Having not had to look outside the city so far for the quality they have been looking for this will be their first signings from outside the perimeters.

What originally started as a simple club night in good old Bristol town back in 2001, Futureboogie now rolls with global radio shows, a booking agency, management company, a list of A-grade parties and worldwide DJ bookings as long as a long armed man, excursions into festival programming and, most recently their record label, Futureboogie Recordings.

Over the last 10 years the cast of the Futureboogie team has changed but original members and Futureboogie DJs Joe90 and El Harvo are still holding things down, keeping all the plates spinning, and making things go bump in the night. A UK tour will also mark the exclusive 10-year anniversary bash culminating in a raw warehouse affair in the capital equipped with an array of the very best talent the label has to offer.

2011 has been an amazing year for us and the label. The artists who´ve released with us so far have all been friends and we like that, it gives the label strong family vibes and we´re big into that. The fact that we haven´t had to look outside Bristol shows the city has got such a strong pool of talent it looks likely that the majority of our output will continue to come from Bristol. We are first and foremost about putting out great music wherever it´s from; it just so happens that there is so much great stuff on our doorstep. The city has really put itself on the map for house music this year and it seems there is no sign of that stopping soon.”Futureboogie founders

• Futureboogie 10th Birthday London Edition: 24th February 2012, Secret East London Location TBC


Dark Sky -Black Rainbows

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The Dark Sky story started here on Black Acre back in the mists of 2010 with an explosive 12” that garnered fevered from press to dancefloor. Now the prodigal sons return with a batch of advanced lazer-tech dancefloor smashers with a noir edge.

The EP kicks of with F-Technology a heavy dissertation in Low-End Theory, with gravity changing kicks, neck snap snares and a scattergun percussive workout while goose bump inducing chord dance along your spine. Tremor lives up to its namesake weighing in with abyssal tons of sub-tropic bassweight punctuated by skeletal yet booming drums. Zoom takes proceedings back into the seemingly familiar realms of future garage while sound tracking a midnight commute on the lost highway. Totem is the perfect post-rave salve, an optimistic close, like sunrise during the calm of a dawn break return home.

Artist: Dark Sky
Title: Black Rainbows
Cat: Acre033
Format: 12” Vinyl, Digital
Label: Black Acre
Release: 26 March 2012

A. F-Technology
B. Tremor
C. Zoom
D. Tote

Support: Untold, Jackmaster, Fantastic Mr Fox, Jamie XX

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Deluxe)(Preview)

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The Neighbourhood – ‘Female Robbery’ (Free download & video)

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Quintet from Newbury Park in California will be releasing their debut EP March/April,debut video for “Female Robbery,” is created entirely of old black and white film footage.
Think of The Weeknd meets Sam Sparro but with a darker undertone. Haunting tones and echoing vocals fill every inch of space, leaving you no room to breathe.
Download:The Neighbourhood – ‘Female Robbery’HERE

i think i found help.
i think i found something.

i think i found something in my TV screen.

i think i found out,
that i have nothing,

that i have nothing in this place for me,

i watched it all in my head,
perfect sense,
they’ll take me from me my bed,
leave everything that is worth a single cent and just take me instead.
that TV show,
i saw as i fell to sleep,
had me on both my knees,
praying to whatever is in heaven please send me felon,
and don’t let the police

don’t tell them anything,
anything, please.

i think i can tell,
i think i can tell them,

tell them they were made for me,

i’m thinking they’ll know,
know it already,

i’m thinking they’ll know just about everything,

i bet they planned it all out,
like the shows,
went everywhere i go,
walked in the store right behind me, stood in line right beside me and followed me to my home.
i’m sure they figured it out,
early on,
that i would never run.
that they could shoot but that’s no fun,
cause then they’re killing their stolen son…

don’t tell them anything,
anything, please.

we’re gonna die.

Download:Salem – “Better Off Alone (Alec Empire/Atari Teenage Riot Remix)”

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In November, Salem covered Alice Deejay’s most famous trance jam for their latest EP, and today we have Alec Empire’s (Atari Teenage Riot) take on the churning track. In Empire’s version, he sucks most of Salem’s sinister tones from the mix and comes up with something fresh and vibrant.(Via Stereogum)
Download:Salem – “Better Off Alone (Alec Empire/Atari Teenage Riot Remix)”

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Live,David Letterman)

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