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Mishka Presents BBU’s Bell Hooks! (A Free Download)

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Are you ready for a transmission straight from the streets of the Windy City? You better be, because today Мишка is happy to present bell hooks, the brand new album from Chicago’s very own BBU. Picking up more steam with each passing day, this four piece is primed and ready to burst onto everyone’s radar. After hearing their feature on The Hood Internet‘s debut album, we knew we had to do something bigger with BBU. Joining up with Mad Decent along the way, the momentum behind the bell hooks project got even stronger.

Epic, Illekt, Jasson Perez, and DJ Esquire are the creative force behind BBU (short for Bin Laden Blowin! Up or Black, Brown, and Ugly, depending on the day), and they’re committed to making socially conscious rap that doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of fun. Pulling sounds from all over, including the rap of their childhoods and also the rich juke culture of their home city, BBU have truly created a soundtrack to their artist-activist lifestyle. From the impetus behind the title (the nom de plume of feminist writer Gloria Jean Watkins, in case you ain’t knowin’) to the poem that opens the album, BBU aren’t afraid to speak their very unique minds. But these nimble wordsmiths make sure to keep the energy sky high across all of bell hooks.

Featuring beats by Stefan PonceMontana Macks, The Hood Internet, and more, bell hooks is packed to the brim with politics and personality, whether it be on the juking fringe anthem “Outlaw Culture”, 90s music paen “Kurt De La Rocha”, or the double time dense rhymes of “Cormega.” These 17 tracks have also got guest verses from Das RacistGLC, and the whole thing is mixed by DJ Benzi. It’s a thrillingly unique rap release that sets the bar high this early in the year. If you’re in the midwest, be sure to go celebrate its release this Thursday at Schubas in Chicago. If you can pull yourself away from listening to bell hooks that is.

BBU – bell hooks
1) Wake Up Call by Malcolm London
2) Outlaw Culture [Prod. by The Schwarz]
3) The Hood (Feat. GLC) [Prod. by Classick]
4) Beau Sia [Prod. by Stefan Ponce]
5) Mr. Goodbar (Interlude)
6) Jumpers [Prod. by Tony Baines]
7) Kurt De La Rocha [Prod. by Tony Baines]
8) Michael Scott (Skit)
9) There’s Something About Mary [Prod. by Montana Macks]
10) BBU PSA by Epic
11) 26th & Cali [Prod. by Montana Macks]
12) Cormega [Prod. by Montana Macks]
13) Spaghetti (Feat. Mic Terror) [Prod. by Tony Baines]
14) The Wrong Song [Prod. by Stefan Ponce]
15) Tommy Bunz [Prod. by Tapez]
16) Please, No Pictures (Feat. Das Racist) [Prod. by The Hood Internet]
17) Mr. Good Bar (Outro)



Svetlana Industries announces next release from Brey, + preview

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Svetlana Industries announces debut release from Brey

Svetlana Industries, the label founded in Belgrade, Serbia and now based in London, and that released the debuts from Teebs, BNJMN (under his Jackhigh alias), Nightwave and others, has announced its next release.

Brey is a young Londoner of Angolan origin who’s already attracted plays and praise from Scratcha DVA, Bok Bok, Brackles and others, as well as early profile pieces from Fader, FACT and Red Bull. Despite this he’s actually been building his reputation fairly quietly over the past year, and apart from a Kreayshawn mashup that went semi-viral, an official remix for Javeon McCarthy and a track on Ramadanman’s seminal Fabriclive compilation under the mysterious alias Die Barbie Musik Kollektiv, this is the first public airing for his complex, catchy yet highly original take on UK dance music.

With tracks running from140bpm to 126bpm to 94bpm, the four track EP covers several stylistic bases and takes a more organic approach than most Svetlana releases to date, including vocals in the form of a guest appearance from Pittsburgh rapper Vinny Radio, real brass sections and guitar solos. It’s a mature and original artistic statement from such a young talent who’s already attracting wide attention.

Brasil will be available worldwide on vinyl on 19th March 2012, with digital following on 2nd April.

Artist: BREY

1. Bengela – 126 BPM
2. Juno – 140 BPM

1. Double A Side + A Side Order of Tilapia with a White Wine and Lemon Sauce – 140 BPM
2. Monies feat. Vinny Radio – 94 BPM

SVET009: KELPE – I FELT FUZZY 6 track EP feat. BNJMN/Cupp Cave/Naïve Machine remixes
WOE001: LOTIDE – EP1 4 track EP

Lone “Galaxy Garden” on R&S Records,May 7th

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Over the past couple of years, Manchester-based producer Lone (a.k.a. Matt Cutler) has become a fully fledged reinvention of his former self. Leaving behind the hip-hop seasoned abstraction and hazy beatscapes of his notable Ecstasy & Friends and Lemurian albums for a quicker-paced sound that draws on a much heavier Chicago house / Detroit Techno and early 90’s London rave/hardcore sound. With his last album proper Emerald Fantasy Tracks & last year’s R&S debut Coreshine Voodoo, we saw a honing of these styles. Continuing his ethereal journey through space and time where these previous two outings left off, new album Galaxy Garden – that you will hopefully have in your ears right now – is without doubt his most complete body of work to date.

Artist: Lone
Title: Galaxy Garden
Label: R&S Records
Release: 07.05.2012

01 New Colour
02 The Animal Pattern
03 As A Child (With Machinedrum)
04 Lying In The Reeds
05 Dragon Blue Eyes
06 Crystal Caverns 1991
07 Raindance
08 Dream Girl / Sky Surfer
09 Earth’s Lungs
10 Cthulhu (With Machinedrum)
11 Stands Tidal Waves
12 Spirals (With Anneka)

The varied excursions on display unearth new corners to the wunderkind, whilst maintaining his signature sound and cinematic overtones. Opener New Colour lays down the album’s mandate with layers of symbiotic sound-scapes. On into The Animal Pattern, a rolling 8-bit bastardisation where visions of Out Run’s Splash Wave come flooding back again. Nomrex label head machine drum makes an appearance on two tracks adding his hazy vocals to As A Child & Cthulhu. The latter evolving into a mid tempo broken roller with key stabs which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Japan record.

Thing of beauty, Lying in the Reeds finds Cutler in one of his more melodic, melancholic and reflective moods. This gives way to the ambient drone of Dragon Blue Eyes and through to Crystal Caverns 91; revival stabs, hardcore remnants, a frenetic cadence and we’re already half way through the album. Two uptempo, blissed out stuttered motion bangers – proceed in the form of Raindance & Dream & Girl/Sky Surfer. It’s Raindance and the incredible Earth’s Lungs where he wears his love of Aphex Twin and Warp most prominently, all the time maintaining a very Lone take on it. The album closes this Lone chapter with vocalist Anneka – who’s worked with the likes of Falty DL, Starkey, Ital Tek, Vex’d – and the track Spirals, which is the closest you’ll get to Cutler writing a pop song.

A rollercoaster ride of playful nods to a plethora of scenes and influences past, present and future, a residency at Manchester hot-spot Hoya:Hoya, upcoming shows all over the place, support for his tracks from the likes of Caribou, Diplo, Kode 9, Dark Sky, Rustie, James Holden, Martyn, Joy Orbison – to name just a few – remixes for Radiohead, Tensnake & Underworld already under his belt; it’s going to be quite a year for Lone. Cutler ended 2010 with his tracks Pineapple Crush and Once In A While featured in every respectable ‘Best of 2010’ roundup (Resident Advisor, Phonica, Juno & Fact Magazine). This an album to be treasured and one that will no doubt, end up in even more polls come the end of twenty twelve.

Bass Clef preps ‘Reeling Skullways’ on Punch Drunk Music

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Following a busy year of stylistically varied releases under various guises on his own Magic + Dreams label, Ralph Cumbers delivers his first long-player for Punch Drunk. With a title lifted from the lysergic prose of a Brian Aldiss novel and grooves informed by the loopier, more Martian aspects of Chi-town jack and Detroit techno-soul, “Reeling Skullways” marks a subtle, but highly alluring development in the evolution of Cumbers’ primary recording project.

Long-term Bass Clef fans may be surprised by the lack of samples on this album, and in many ways it follows a similar creative process to his recent work as Some Truths, with most rhythms and textures sculpted from the raw, elemental waveforms of modular analogue synthesis. But with tighter editing, contagious melodies and perfectly positioned drum patterns, the end results reveal Bass Clef simultaneously at his most stripped-back, focused, playful, complicated, emotional and irresistibly groovy. Unfettered by fashionable production tricks, imbued with a timeless machine-soul heart, “Reeling Skullways” is one of those albums you’ll be reaching for again and again.

Artist Bass Clef
Title Reeling Skullways
Label Punch Drunk Music
Release Date 30-Apr-12
Format CD/LP/Digital

01. Keep Hoping Machine Running
02. Walworth Road Acid Trapdoor
03. Hackney – Chicago – Jupiter
04. Embrace Disaster
05. Electricity Comes From Other Planets
06. Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare
07. Suddenly Alone Together
08. A Rail Is A Road And A Road Is A River
09. Ghost Kicks In The Spiral

Misstress Barbara unveils Many Shades of Grey, out April 3, 2012 on MapleMusic Recordings

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Misstress Barbara unveils Many Shades of Grey, out April 3, 2012 on MapleMusic Recordings

It’s a challenge that’s worth everything in the world to me. Success comes and goes, but learning is a treasure. I’ve learned so much and I’m so proud of the evolution.” – Misstress Barbara

While her last album, the Juno nominated I’m No Human included guest appearances by Bjorn (of Peter, Bjorn and John), Sam Roberts, and Brazillian Girls, on Barbara’s new album Many Shades of Grey, due out April 3, 2012 on MapleMusic Recordings, we see her stand alone and come into her own as a song-writer and producer.

Though fans and critiques could argue that Misstress Barbara earned her stripes long ago as a dance producer, her work on Many Shades of Grey pushes her into a new arena of creativity with stronger song-writing and more confident production. The listener instantly connects to the voice, the visceral melodies and the forward percussion Barbara is known for.

I’m proud of the evolution in the writing,” says the producer. “I really think every song has a strong hook, which was something I wanted to make happen. I very much enjoy performing a song where you see the audience singing along, especially after 16 years as an underground DJ.”

Most songs on Many Shades of Grey, including the infectious title track, bump at a pulsating 125-to-130 beats per minute, and Barbara brings her sensual synths, solid beats and huge hooks, with a hint of ’80s-influenced fun sprinkled throughout.

As evidence, Misstress Barbara presents the undeniably red-hot first single, “The Right Time.” The song positively radiates happiness as Barbara’s voice is accompanied by thick grooves, soaring strings and a whistled hook that calls to mind the sunniest of summer days. The song will be released to national radio and iTunes on February 27, with a remix from world renowned DJ Roger Sanchez on its way.

Download Evil Nine : For Fighters Mixtape Vol.3

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Download Evil Nine : For Fighters Mixtape Vol.3

Weird Dude Energy – Evil Nine
Greed ft Yung Clova ( LOL boys remix ) – Babe Rainbow
By the Pool (SCNTST Remix) – Modek
Jump (The Martin Brothers Remix) – Riva Starr & Major Lazer
Space Ballad (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Sings Remix) – Fur Coat & Argenis Brito
Broken Dreams – Evil Nine
Why Do You – A1 Bassline
Takk Poney (Original Mix) – Super Flu
Adonis – Boys Noize
Swims – Joy O & Boddika
Opa – Kolsch
FFWD – Joakim & Bambounou
You Know You Like It (Riton Rerub) – Alunageorge
Roll Dat – Tripmastaz
That Amen track ( Breach remix ) – Dj Cra$y
Adrenalin – Scuba
Michael Jackson (Mic Jack In Version) – Phil Kieran, Green Velvet
Reckless (With Your Love)( Tiga Remix ) – Azari & III
Dayz – Mathew Jonson
Special EFX – Mark E

Squarepusher Announces New Album “Ufabulum”, US Live Date

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I’ve started thinking about pure electronic music again.
Something very melodic, very aggressive

– Squarepusher

The new album Ufabulum is released May 15, 2012 in the US

Squarepusher is performing ‘Ufabulum’ live at:

March 15 – New York, NY (Webster Hall), USA
April 21 – Sonar Tokyo, Japan
May 3 – Donau Festival, Austria
May 12 – Sonar Sao Paolo, Brazil
June 15 – Sonar Barcelona, Spain
July 6/7 – Bloc Festival London, UK
July 12 – Dour Festival, Belgium
*Further dates to be announced*

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