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Amirali – In Time ,May 14th on Crosstown Rebels

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How do you follow up a year of delivering some of the best music on the planet? Find some thats even better. Crosstown Rebels do it again and discover a true talent in Amirali unleashing his longplayer ‘in Time’ as their first entry into 2012.

Amirali goes beyond your average dance music producer. A musician at heart, every instrument heard on ‘In Time’ was played by the Iranian-come-Canadian producer. He shapes his songs in mysterious patterns and subtly hypnotises with his dexterity. The album passes swiftly and stops time in its path, leaving a deep longing to hear it again and yearning to unravel its secrets

Amirali’s voice is mysterious and evocative, a futuristic hybrid of indie idols (think a sombre Ian Brown or intoxicated Radiohead) while tainted with the auras of favourite 80s synth heroes Depeche Mode amidst the current energy of dance enigmas Art Department and Underworld. Forging a strong element of surprise in his tactics, he takes a bold course, daring to create subtle complexities in house music.

The pensive buds of ‘The Harmonious Song’ softly open this quiet masterpiece. Tinkering on weightless pads, Amirali expresses a need to be taken seriously. In ‘Missing’ he spins out swirls of instrumentation and throbbing basslines while his singing curls and smoulders within its light textures.

‘Just An Illusion’ skips with the heartbeat of house music as Amirali fiirts with a higher tempo. But soon enough ‘Painting On A Canvas’ and its successor ‘Last Words’ revives the buoyant space of before, sketching bright skies and pregnant moods within Amirali’s sunken gothic bells, charged guitar strums and reflective keys.

Other highlights in Amirali’s maiden voyage include his first single, ‘Beautiful World’, unleashed on Lazarus’ own Crosstown Rebels label in early 2012. Apop-infused bomb that captivated the dancefloor, it was an apt introduction for this multifaceted talent and powerful signal of the swells and surges of ‘In Time’ and of the great new talent in our midst.

“Making this album was a period of self discovery in which I got to know myself aa deeper level. ´In Time´, the year and a half journey into an experimentation of myself and my sound consists of 13 tracks. Each track has a different story to tell and is a reflection of my past. It’s the most honest and personal I have ever been with my music, like I´m giving a part of my soul to the listener. I hope they enjoy.” Amirali 2012

Label: Crosstown Rebels
Cat no: CRMCD017
Distribution: Above Board Distribution
Released: Monday May 14th, 2012


  1. The Harmonious Song
  2. Missing
  3. Just An Illusion
  4. Painting On A Canvas
  5. Last Words
  6. Midnight Train
  7. My Way
  8. Beautiful World
  9. Whisper
  10. No Doubt
  11. Hear Me
  12. Story Of Us
  13. The Sounds Of My Life

Damian Lazarus has a sharp ear and talent for A&R and he illustrates this with great clarity through his latest introduction. He went on a scouting mission for something more alternative for the label, and uncovered the Iranian music maker. Amirali’s heritage from Iran hangs heavy in the atmospheres of ‘In Time’ but Toronto is where he evoked the spirits of dance music into his style. Currently residing in London, Amirali will tour his new and exclusive live set this year to mark the launch of the album including vocals, live keys and a visual exploration into his weird and wonderful mind.

Following a year that the label was crowned the leader of the pack, spawning albums from the biggest artists of the year such as Art Department, Deniz Kurtel and Maceo Plex and coming top of the charts in many end of year charts, Crosstown Rebels dare to introduce another raw talent with unique dimensions. Later this year they have aligned new album material from their homegrown team including Resident Advisor’s no 1 DJ of the year, Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex plus new collaborations and signings Fur Coat, Mother Of Seven and more.

Feb 25          Nest, Leeds
March 2        Rebel Rave, Melbourne
March 3        Rebel Rave, Sydney
March 24      Get Lost, Miami
March 31      Calypso, Tunisia
April 7           Fabric, London
April 14         Watergate, Berlin
June 16        Lovebox festival, London


BATTLES Announce “Dross Glop” CD, Out April 17

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Dross Glop album – out April 17 in the US
New Stream and Remixer Playlist

Dross Glop will be released April 17 in the US on CD & MP3 download.
The album will include a remix of every song on Battles’ 2011 LP Gloss Drop, each from a different artist selected personally by the band. Remixers include Shabazz Palaces, The Field, Gang Gang Dance, Hudson Mohawke, Pat Mahoney & Dennis McNany and seven more of the world’s finest production minds.

You can read below a note from Battles on why they picked each remixer. And they have created a YouTube playlist of favorite songs from each for you to enjoy.

Battles’ Dross Glop Remixer Playlist

New Stream: Listen to “Africastle (Kode9 Remix)”

This album also appears on vinyl in a four-part 12” series, uniquely artworked by the band’s Dave Konopka. Dross Glop 1 (Gui Boratto, The Field) and Dross Glop 2 (The Alchemist, Shabazz Palaces, Kode9) are out now.
Dross Glop 3 & Dross Glop 4 are coming soon.
“Sundome (EYE Remix)” is exclusive to the album CD and MP3 formats.

A Battles remix record would not be complete without a heavyweight from our friends from the KOMPAKT label. We are very excited that Gui has taken the time to rework one of our tracks. This Brazilian monster has been making club bangers for some time now and he can now add his rework of “Wall Street” to his already accomplished list of amazing tracks…….thank you Gui! Boratto Bangers: “Arquipélago”, the entire Chromaphobia album, and “Anunciacion”.

Since the release of the first album by The Field entitled From Here We Go Sublime through to the most recent Looping State of Mind, we have been huge fans the music that Axel Willner makes. The Field did a fantastic remix of “Tonto” a few years back and it is with great pride that we once again call upon him for another slice of brilliance with his remix of “Sweetie & Shag”. In addition to The Field, be sure to look into Loops of Your Heart, a newer synth-heavy project by Willner, further proof that Axel has already begun carving out his own chapter of excellence in the encyclopedia of electronic music history.

When we were given the opportunity to have The Alchemist rework one of our tracks we jumped at the chance. It is a complete honor for us to have “the greatest hip hop producer of all time” share his vision with us. With bangers like “More Like Us”, “Chemical Warfare (featuring Eminem)” and “Keep It Thoro” he has made his mark in more ways than one in hip hop history. Thank you DJ EMZ for hooking this up.

Having always been a fan of Ishmael Butler’s groups, both past and present, we were really excited to have Shabazz Palaces be able to rework a version of “White Electric” and to drop few verses on top. We had a “feeling” that this remix was going to be good, but when we first laid ears on this track we were ecstatic at how awesome this song turned out! There is nobody like Shabazz Palaces, they are in a class of their own. Definitely check out the Black Up album, which is, in my opinion, one of the most refreshing, daring, boundary-pushing hip-hop releases in years.

Not only does Steve “Kode9” Goodman make good music but he also has a doctorite in Philosophy and wrote a book called “Sonic Warfare;Sound,Affect,and the Ecology of Fear”. This alone is reason enough for him to be involved in our remix record! Best music: “Memories of the Future” and “Black Sun” both on his own Hyperdub label.

Real name John Juan Mendez from LA/Minneapolis,Silent Servant has been holding it down in the west coast scene for some time now. Releasing numerous anthems on the mysterious Sandwell District label, SS was an obvious choice for us. We wanted something that will sound like a religious epiphany at 9am in Berghain…….and that is exactly what we got! Best tracks: “Doom Deferred”, the “Hypnosis In The Modern Age” 12″ and “Violencia (function remix)”

We wanted to use KR because his atmospheric dark textural music sounds big and creepy in giant clubs and we wanted to see if that vibe could be conveyed in a remix of one of our songs. KR most definitely delivered. Awesome tunes include the Pruitt Lgoe 12″ and the OR LP both on the Raster-Noton label.

First time caller, long time fan. Our jaws dropped when we reached out to Qluster to see if they would be interested in doing a remix for the song “Dominican Fade” and they were kind enough to oblige. Yes, Qluster (aka Cluster, Kluster), the experimental German electronic group consisting of core members Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Mobius—absolute living legends! It has been a truly humbling experience to have one our songs remixed by Qluster for they have always been a genuine source of inspiration for Battles.

Gang Gang Dance has been one of the best bands in NYC for years now and they have through and through earned our whole-hearted respect and admiration. Therefore, we couldn’t imagine anybody more appropriate to remix the bizarreness that is “Ice Cream” other than Gang Gang Dance’s own Brian DeGraw. Coming off of the success of their outstanding 2011 release Eye Contact, DeGraw follows through with tons of sonic flavor for this bombastic jammy-jam of a remix.

Using label mate Hudson Mohawke was a simple “no brainer”…..we knew what we would get and we couldn’t be happier. Warp’s jam master is a welcome guest for our little project. Best tracks: “Fuse”, “Gluetooth”, and “Thunder Bay”.

Patrick Mahoney is the awesomeness that is the drummer behind the magnificent LCD Soundsystem. In addition to being a great drummer Patrick Mahoney is an incredible DJ, which led us to the conclusion that it could be pretty fun to see what he would do with a remix for “My Machines”. After giving us the nod of approval, Pat got in touch with producer Dennis McNany of Run-Roc records and the two of them worked out an immense nine minute dance floor banger that features Gary Numan’s one-of-a-kind vocals. A killer track!



Ane Brun – Worship feat. José González (Official Video HD)

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