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Escort – Why Oh Why (Video Premiere)

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Escort has been setting dance floors ablaze with their disco-infused beats, irresistibly catchy hooks and seductive live show since releasing a series of 12” singles in 2006. Those who have not had a chance to experience the band’s energized live show will have several chances to catch the band at SXSW including the outdoor stage at SPIN Magazine’s show @ Stubbs. The band will also play a special Last.FM “Live In NYC show on March 23. For an early taste of the 17-piece disco party powerhouse, check out the brand new “Why Oh Why” video, created by Marisol Baltierra.

Escort Tour Dates
3/16: SXSW @ Stubbs, (SPIN Party), 1:30pm
3/16: SXSW @ Empire Automotive (Keep A Breast Foundation, Official Showcase), 1am
3/17: SXSW @ Malverde (Bond Showcase), 7:30-8:15pm DJ SET
3/23: Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl w/ DFA DJs, Last.FM “Live In NYC”


2562 ‘Air Jordan’ EP(Preview) [DOUBT002]

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Releasedate: March 19th (vinyl) / 26th (digital)

A year and a half in the making – well, spiritually at least – the Air Jordan EP soundtracks a 2010 roadtrip through a captivating country, just before the instant rush that became last year’s Fever album and subsequent When In Doubt label launch. Based on field recordings taken in various bustling city centres, rugged desert landscapes, peaceful cornfields, lively amphitheatres, abandoned villages and ancient temples, the EP’s four tracks capture glimpses of Jordan’s stark and desolated scenery as well as its warm and vivid spirit, channelled and reinterpreted through a simple recording device and a sampler. We hope you enjoy the results as much as we enjoyed travelling.

A1 Solitary Sheepbell
A2 Desert Lament
B1 Jerash Hekwerken
B2 Nocturnal Drummers

ENA ‘Analysis Code’ / ‘Splinter’ 7even Recordings [7EVEN23](Preview)

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ENA launches with ‘Analysis Code’ and ‘Splinter’ his second 12” on 7even Recordings after his acclaimed ‘Sign / Instinctive’ release on the label in 2011.
A leading figure of the Japanese underground scene and resident at Goth Trad’s Back To Chill event, ENA blends in his Tokyo’s sound laboratory materials from Dub, early Drum & Bass, Rave, Dubstep and Techno, for an uncompromising and unique audio experience. With ‘Analysis Code’ and ‘Splinter’, ENA delivers again two forward-looking cuts of music for the most underground and renegade dancefloors. The studio technique is high, the underground knowledge is tight.

Photek & Pinch ‘Acid Reign’ / ‘M25FM’ Photek Productions [PPRO16VS](Preview)

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Two collaborations between two highly respected producers. Photek’s ‘Closer’ marked the 50th release on Pinch’s Tectonic last year, and some time in the studio together has produced these standout tracks. Acid Reign first appeared in January on Pinch’s FabricLive mix compilation, his ‘dubplate version’ described by Fact mag as “a slow-burning half-stepper with a twisted acid melody fighting for air in an oil spill; as claustrophobic as you like, basically.” M25FM appears on Photek’s instalment to the highly respected DJ Kicks compilation series, it’s another acid-tinged track, taking us into much deeper territory.

Joshua Iz – The Figure (Dream In Audio, DIA001) (Preview Clips)

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Joshua Iz, the seminal deep house producer of Iz & Diz fame (amongst many other things) drops the inaugural release for San Francisco’s Dream In Audio imprint. An ode to his Chicago roots and San Francisco influence, the title track ‘The Figure’ is a hard hitting cut that is all Chitown, while ‘What U Like’ has a melodic edge that is reminiscent of SF circa 1998. This is deep house at its finest, from a master of the craft.

Joshua Iz is a DJ, music producer, designer and slightly better-than- average tennis player. He likes trainers, good design, dub reggae and vodka. Joshua has been DJing since 1986 and has played on 5 continents and been to 6. His music productions have graced labels such as Classic, NRK, Om Records, Nordic Trax and Seasons. He runs his own record label called Vizual which launched in 2010. He currently has DJ residencies in Chicago, San Francisco and London. Joshua also sometimes DJs and makes music with Diz as Iz & Dizand they are currently working on their upcoming debut album. Joshua also makes a killer salsa and is generally fun to be around.

Dream In Audio is a deep house label inspired by late the late 90s sounds of Chicago and San Francisco.

Artist: Joshua Iz
Title: The Figure
Label: Dream In Audio (USA)
Cat No: DIA001
Style: Deep/Tech House
Release Date: 23rd March 2012 (Vinyl) / 13th April 2012 (Digital)

1. The Figure
2. What U Like


Funkystepz – Royal Rumble EP(preview)

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Artist: Funkystepz
Title: Royal Rumble EP
Label: F.L.Y
Release Date: 02.04.12
Format: Digital
Catalogue No: FLY007

The prolific collective of Funkystepz keep the flame ablaze for UK Funky with the highly anticipated release of their Royal Rumble EP. After two solid efforts (Fuller and Trouble) on Hyperdub and slew of remix work they return to their own label, F.L.Y, to to showcase 4 unadulterated cuts of UK Funky with a twist.

Opener ‘Warriror’ floats over a percussive drum loop with whirring synths and some gospel-esque piano key stabs. Using squelching basslines sparingly allows room for the track build at it’s own pace and it’s a roller that can fit it to both radio and club sets with ease.

‘Class A’ really takes things up a notch, this time leaning towards a 4/4 time signature and incorporating keys more akin to continental House but Funkystepz still make the sound their own. The playful chords are what really make this one stand out and with the onset of more dread-laden tones as the track progresses, it’s definitely one of their most accomplished efforts to date.

Using a big chunk of the Timbaland-produced ‘Jigga What’ by Jay-Z the aptly title ‘Jigga’ is dramatic as much as it is off the wall. The undeniable traces of Timbaland’s beat patterns are responsible for a great groove but the track is taken to an emotive peak with delayed synths and the inclusion of ravey chords really shakes the directions whole track up.

Title cut ‘Royal Rumble’ finishes off the EP with an intro that promises an euphoric drop but instead we’re treated to an onslaught of doubled up drums and intricate synth play. The guttural basslines work perfectly in tandem with the percussive beat pattern and temperamental melodies, making it one unpredictable trip full of twists and turns that make for a rough ride throughout.

Slick Shoota “8 Bit Beauty” EP on Loose Squares(STREAM)+Free Download

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ARTIST: Slick Shoota
“8 Bit Beauty” EP
digital EP
Loose Squares
March 26, 2012
1. “Love You You You”
2. “8 Bit Beauty”
3. “Hit The Flow”
4. “Eye Turn Red”
5. “Beby”


Slick Shoota is a producer from Trondheim, Norway who has developed his own unique musical style—a combination of juke, garage, booty bass, breaks, and old school jungle. He’s already been getting attention for his remix work, covering a diverse range of artists and labels: Fuzzy Logik (Safe & Sound), Dev79 (Slit Jockey), Heartbreak (Mad Decent), Mr. Mitch (Butterz), Joss Ryan (DVA Music), Falty DL (Planet Mu), and more.

His first EP for Loose Squares contains five tracks of forward-thinking, boundary-pushing juke hybrids—from booty-meets-grime party-smashers like “Eye Turn Red” and “Hit The Flow” (featuring up-and-comer5kin&bone5), to the soulful, garage-inspired “Love You You You” and “Beby”. We here at Loose Squares are really excited to present these new sounds. A must have for 2012!

Download:Slick Shoota – Blaze it

Listen EP,baby i love you!

some feedback so far…
“Perfect release!” –Crookers (Fools Gold)
“Finally!! Slick Shoota never fails!” –Munchi (Mad Decent / Enchufada)
“I love melodies and sounds like this. Hot tracks!” –DJ Gant-Man (Dance Mania / Fools Gold)
“This EP is Massive” –Mumdance (No Hats No Hoods / Mad Decent)
“This EP made my day! These tunes are HOT!!!!” –Cardopusher (Frijsfo / Tigerbeat6 / Hyperdub)