Body Language Vol 11 mixed by Nôze

Between earthy livesets and albums rich in influences and musicality (as Dring, their fourth album, came to remind us of that last year), we would have almost forgotten that Nôze(Nicolas Sfintescu and Ezéchiel Pailhes) could also give to the feverish mix. Well-judged then from M.A.N.D.Y., Get Physicalbosses and Body Languagecompilation investigators, who asked Nico, the DJ from the duo, to take a close look at the eleventh opus of this cult series which already hosted some very gifted artists.

After Dj T., Jesse Rose, Dixon, Château Flight, Junior Boys, Matthew Dear, Modeselektor, Dj Hell and M.A.N.D.Y. twice, it is now the turn of the co-creator of the appealing ‘When Tiger Smoked’ and ‘Kitchen’ (and co-founder of Parisian label Circus Company) to make our eager bodies sweat. The result: an almost 75 minute eclectic love declaration where most of the musical obsessions of the French duo are gathered.

Label: Get Physical

Cat no: GPMCD049
Distribution: Rough Trade
Released: Friday May 18th, 2012


  1. Hemingway / HMG 2
  2. Ian Simmonds / The Esel (Dave Aju Rmx)
  3. JC Freaks / Dub Praise (The Revenge Rmx)
  4. Oliver Koletzki & Fran / Arrow And Bow (Marek Hemann Rmx)
  5. Alejandro Mosso / Pampa
  6. Nicolas Jaar / Russian Dolls
  7. Zanini / Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas
  8. Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham / A Drumstick And A Light Future (original mix)
  9. Alex Niggemann / Black Rose
  10. Ruede Hagelstein / Embezzle Me (Tiefschwarz Remix)
  11. Makossa & Megablast feat. Hubert Tubbs / Coming Home
  12. Dixie Yure / By defection
  13. Lump / Feeling
  14. Nico from Nôze / Amor Do Olinda
  15. Dop / No More Daddy (Ame Rmx)
  16. Siopis / Really Love You
  17. Ornette / Crazy (Noze Rmx)

Mar. 8 : Tel Aviv (IL) : Nôze, The Block
Mar. 9 : Kharkov (UA) : Nôze, Opium party bar
Mar. 10 : Chamonix (FR) : Nôze, L´Amnesia
Mar. 17 : Corato (IT) : Nôze, Public
Mar. 23 : Munich (DE) : Nôze, Rote Sonne
Mar. 24 : Ingolstadt (DE) : Nôze, Batterie94
Mar. 31 : Basel (CH) : Nôze, Das Schiff
Apr. 7 : Lecce (IT) : Nôze, Ciak
Apr. 13 : Geneva (CH) : Nôze, L´Usine
Apr. 30 : Berlin (DE) : Nôze, Katerholzig
May. 12 : Hamburg (DE) : Nôze, Docks
May. 26 : Cisternino (IT) : Nôze, Mavù
May. 27 : Amsterdam (NL) : Nôze, Amsterdam Open Air
Jun. 10 : Aigues-Mortes (FR) : Nôze, La Churascaïa
Jun. 14 : Vienna (AT) : Nôze, Pratersauna
Jul. 31 : Basel (CH) : Nôze, Hinterhof
Sep. 22 : Erfurt (DE) : Nôze, Cosmopolar
Apr. 14: Bratislava (SLO): Nico From Nôze Dj Set @ Nu Spirit
Apr. 20 : Belgrade (SER) : Nico From Nôze Dj Set @ Club Plastic


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