Kelpe – ‘I Felt Fuzzy'(stream)

Kelpe is known as one of the founding fathers of the beats scene, releasing his first EP back in 2003 on DC recordings when most people in Europe hadn’t cottoned on to the new sounds emerging and Brainfeeder was a still a twinkle in FlyLo’s eye.
DC was a label better known for new disco releases, but years before anyone tried to give the style a name – remember ‘wonky’? – Kelpe
was blazing a pioneering trail, something for which he’s perhaps never got the credit he deserves.
After three albums and a bunch of EPs he started to release more widely, including a belter of an EP for Black Acre which got on many end of year top tens. Svetlana were regularly blasting Kelpe’s
tracks in gigs and mixes, and naturally asked him to contribute to their popular Shortcast mix series.
This was followed by a great remix for BNJMN on his 141 EP, so it seems like a fitting progression to be releasing one of his records on Svetlana Industries at last.
Featuring remixes from BNJMN, Cupp Cave and newcomers Naïve Machine, the vinyl will be available worldwide on 16th April 2012, with digital following on 24th April.


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