MAL031 – Guttstar’s “Viewfinder”(Stream)

From his newfound home in the verdant lushness of Portland, Oregon comes a swank bunch of beats by recent cross country transplant Matt Gutt, better known as the swankly unflappable maestro of purpleness, Guttstar. MalLabel Music is proud to beam their latest artfully selected transmission out to the world, Guttstar’s four track EP entitled Viewfinder.

Gutt’s work on Viewfinder is thickly rich in musicality and brims with sparkling production value. Thoughtful and elegant, each crafty sequence on the EP is a must have dub capable of moving crowds of any size. “The Rocks,” the opening number on Viewfinder, unlocks the gateway to a warm, analogue daydream that spans the entire release; syncopated rhythmic g’d out beats and slick, groovy basslines burrow their way through layers of thick layers of moog-ish delight. The second track, “Waking,” maintains the onslaught of highbrow business with it’s mysterious staccato bleeps and tube infused synth lines. Next up, “Silk” lives up to its name, a veritable cascade of luscious worldly textures and sounds spun into a mosaic of deep beats. And finally, Gutt closes the EP with “Gorge,” an excellently stylish exit from the world provided in the transportive Viewfinder.

With the first quarter of the year blazing by, MalLabel Music keeps up with its mission to provide an insanely diverse array of the world’s finest beat creators. Guttstar’s Viewfinder is a masterfully arranged collection of melodies by one of the finest purveyors of bass music dishing out beats today. Come continue along the journey that is taking place with every new release in the MalLabel release schedule and grab your own copy of this dazzling new EP by the one and only Guttstar.

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