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Waxploitation / ZZK Announce Compilation-Future Sounds (Preview)of Buenos Aires

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Waxploitation Records and ZZK Records have announced they’ll be releasing a new project entitled Future Sounds of Buenos Aires. FSOBA is a collaboration featuring some of the most compelling artists emerging from Buenos Aires’ electronic underground including Mati Zundel, Fauna, Super Guachin and Chancha Via Circuito to name a few (complete track list below).

or Future Sounds of Buenos AiresChancha Via CircuitoMati Zundel, Frikstailers, Super GuachinLa YegrosEl RemolonKing Coya and more came together to write the collective work.  The end result is a chronicle of the burgeoning experimental dance scene that has emerged in Buenos Aires in recent years. Pioneered by the visionary Latin American label ZZK, Buenos Aires’ music fuses classic rural South-American-style with electronic futurism, creating a style that’s wholly unique.

The album brings together a dozen artists, each lending their distinctive sound. Chancha with his signature percussive style, Super Guachin with their 8 bit cumbia bass, Tremor’s glitchy futuristic take on Andean foklore and so on.

“ZZK is the first label to push the sound of Argentina from the villa (ghettos) to the uptown”, says Diplo, “ZZK is a big part in bringing this to the attention of the people.”

Much like what Detroit was to techno and Kingston was to dub and reggae, Buenos Aires is quickly becoming the focal point for this Latin American cultural movement.Future Sounds of Buenos Aires is the defining work of the new movement.

What makes this album interesting is that all of the artists are influenced by the combination of rural, traditional cumbia and folkloric roots mixed with a contemporary street-inspired sounds. The results offer twelve different interpretations of the past blended with the future.

1. Frikstailers “Guacha”
2. Tremor “Malambo”
3. Mati Zundel “Señor Montecostez”
4. Daleduro “La Poli”
5. Fauna “Hongo x Hongo”
6. The Peronists “Mi Llegada Tu Llegada Nuestro Descanso”
7. Super Guachin “Se Pixelo el Vinito”
8. La Yegros “Viene de Mi”
9. Chancha Via Circuito “Prima”
10. El Remolon “Atras” (featuring Lido Pimienta)
11. El Trip Selector “Coombia del Piano Triste”
12. King Coya “Cumbiatron”


Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought – Attractive Sin

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Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought – Attractive Sin

CD|LP|DL , June 19th , 2012 Parallel Thought LTD.)

Artwork by Kevin Vitella

 Over the past two decades, Del the Funky Homosapien has been establishing himself in the world of Hip-Hop. From his early 90’s Elektra releases to his cult classic Deltron 3030, Del the Funky Homosapien has proven his place in Rap History.While awaiting the release of his upcoming album Deltron 2, Del the
Funky Homosapien has once again teamed up with Parallel Thought to produce Attractive Sin, a follow up to their 2010 collaboration Parallel Uni-Verses, which Billboard Magazine described as having “classic sounds with rich layers of funk… that honor the genre-bending experimentation prevalent in 80’s and early 90’s
Attractive Sin is the latest blend of Parallel Thought’s East Coast production and Del’s legendary West Coast style. Parallel Thought, a group that has been quietly releasing music for the past ten years with emcee notables such as Tame One, C-Rayz Walz, M.F. Doom, and most recently, the Alabama group G-Side, pays tribute to the likes of Ice Cube and The Bomb Squad’s Amerikka’s Most Wanted with the prolific Sir DZL’s Attractive Sin.

1. On Momma’s House
2. Ownership
3. Different Guidelines
4. Charlie Brown
5. Activated Sludge
6. Apply It & See
7. 1520 Sedgewick
8. Get To Drillin
9. Blow Your Mind
10. Shows Over
11. Front Like You Know

Geddes presents mulletover: The Story So Far 2004-2012

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London is saturated with clubs so for one to keep growing takes something special. mulletover celebrate 8 years with a special CD debut release to mark their journey to date mixed by programmer, creator and resident DJ Geddes.

Visitors to London are often looking for a party. No other event has made such a dramatic mark on the UK’s capital than mulletover. Maybe not the first event to take place in a warehouse, but it was the one that led the way to stage events in rotating spaces. This led to an underground culture of secret venues and the reinvigoration of many derelict spaces in East London.

Nowadays mulletover pulls crowds of 3000 people and sell out shows in durations akin to festival fever. Regularly asked to host at internationally renowned events, this year alone they can be found at BLOC festivals in London and Hideout in Croatia. Past endeavours include Lovebox and a season residency at We Love.., Ibiza. Now globally recognized as one of the leading cutting edge brands in dance music, they are still growing every day.

As other brands would look to capitalize, mulletover are turning things on their head. From next year they will only host two events in their London home, a move to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. As every other event in London seems to be held in secret venues with poor production and facilities, mulletover want to focus on the experience. Their move to large purpose-built venues such as the O2 and Pulse has scaled this DIY grass roots project into an international event. This was all possible due to the pride and attention to detail. Geddes has the ear of an engineer and an impeccable standard for sound. His consistency ensures every artist on the bill complements each other and he has closed nearly every mulletover event to date, while Rob Star has an acute talent for event production and combined they ensure that everyone who has attended won’t forget it.

Geddes has handpicked a selection of tracks that are representative of the sound of mulletover over the past 8 years including classics from Liberty City and Nina Kravitz as well as forward thinking diverse cuts from SCB(Scuba) and Maya Jane ColesHuxley and new signings to murmurSonogama. A special 8 page booklet will accompany the release with each page a description of each year and the release will be given away as part of the ticket for the 8th Birthday event. Released on Geddes’ cult murmur label as a follow up to his solo ‘Inner City Man’ EP, this release unveils a more driving and darker side than he is known for.

Label: murmur
Cat no: MURMURCD02
Distribution: Above Board
Released: Monday May 7th, 2012


  1. Sonogama ‘Hypnotic Beat’ (exclusive track)
  2. Maya Jane Coles ‘Dubchild’
  3. Gideon Bouwens ‘ Life Stories Part 2’
  4. Toby Tobias ‘In Your Eyes’ (James Teej remix)
  5. Delusions Of Grandeur ‘Don’t Sleep’
  6. Shall Ocin ‘Movin On’
  7. Ethyl & Huxley ‘3 Feet High’
  8. SCB ‘Mace’
  9. Will Saul & Tam Cooper ‘Tech Noir’ (Phonique remix)
  10. Metrika & Bastard Love ‘Europa’
  11. Okain ‘Scream’ (Nina Kraviz mix)
  12. Liberty City ‘If You Really Love Someone’ (The MURK Groove)
  13. Hugo Barritt feat. Robert Owens ‘You Are’ (Efdemin remix)

mulletover was started on a Saturday night in 2004 by Stuart Geddes and Rob Star in a now defunct and highly illegal space called R House. Geddes was born and bred in the capital and had frequented some of the best night spots since way before he should have thanks to a sister in dance music. Bored by the current predicament and overt control of super clubs, brands and DJs and ultimately wanting to experiment and bring something new to the table, he joined forces with Rob Star and the duo never looked back. Rob Star had flirted in dance music circles also, involved with the much hyped but short lived club Home and he is now involved with some of London’s most renowned dance music events such as Eastern Electrics festival, Circo Loco, A Night With… and his own ‘Star’ series of venues.

Their journey to this point has not always been easy with many a venue shut down by police and towing their own line despite London’s ever evolving tastes. But they never compromised and acts such as Andrew Weatherall, Dixon, Greg Wilson and Carl Craig make rare appearances and those that have born witness to mulletover know they are certain to leave with the best memories.

Joe Jackson To Release Duke Ellington Tribute Album

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Out June 26th on Razor & Tie 

“I revere Duke Ellington, but I didn’t want this to be a reverent album,” Joe Jackson says of The Duke, his new tribute to American jazz giant Ellington.


True to Jackson’s word, The Duke is a decidedly unconventional salute to Ellington, demonstrating the timeless brilliance of his classic compositions while showcasing Jackson’s sublime skills as an arranger, instrumentalist and vocal interpreter. Although it’s only the second time he’s recorded an album not comprised of his own compositions, The Duke is nonetheless a deeply personal project for Jackson, whose longstanding affinity for Ellington’s pioneering spirit has served as a key inspiration throughout his own three-decades-plus career.

Jackson’s distinctive voice is featured on I’m Beginning To See The Light, Mood Indigo, and I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good), while It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) finds him trading vocals with punk icon Iggy Pop. R&B diva Sharon Jones, meanwhile, shines with a soulful I Ain’t Got Nothin’ But The Blues. In keeping with Ellington’s multiculturalism, Jackson also encouraged Iranian singer Sussan Deyhim to perform a soaring Caravan in Farsi, and Lilian Vieira, of the Brazilian/Dutch collective Zuco 103, to create a sunny, sexy Portuguese version of Perdido.


The album’s striking mix of electronic and organic textures is especially evident on instrumentals like Isfahan, Rockin’ In Rhythm, The Mooche, and Black and Tan Fantasy. The musicians include two contemporary jazz stars, violinist Regina Carter and bassist Christian McBride; rock guitar hero Steve Vai; drummer Ahmir ‘?uestlove’ Thompson and other members of The Roots; and two of Jackson’s old associates, guitarist Vinnie Zummo and percussionist Sue Hadjopoulos. The album was recorded and mixed by the legendary Elliot Scheiner (Steely Dan, Sting, Bob Dylan).

DJ W!ld -Dirty on Cabin Fever May 14th

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DJ W!LD is the French music maestro infamous for his DC10 residency and tireless work ethic that keeps the dancefloor brimming with infectious weapons. Now he delivers his first album for Cabin Fever.

A year after his debut artist album, Guillaume Duchastel de Montrouge, aka DJ W!LDreintroduces the world to his raw and groovy sound for his second album, ‘Dirty’. A more straight up honest affair, this concoction of late night jacking cuts hypnotise with clever use of sampling – a nod to his penchant for hip hop – vintage feel and well carved beats.

Dirty’ is true to its namesake, a sensual journey that explores desires and primal instincts and finely balances female and male vocals that weave like serpents in the mix. The album opens quietly with the haunting echoes‘W Train’ and ‘Apres La Plage’, saturating the senses in vivid sound. But it’s not until ‘Voyage’ that we feel the real elusive, unpredictable, and truly underground nature of the album. Frequently returning to quiet interludes and unexpected snapshots of mysterious scenes, ‘Dirty’ is cleverly fashioned for indulging in again and again.

With titles such as ‘All I Want Is U’ and ‘In Love’ its easy to see how inspired W!LD is by the power of emotions and female forces in his life. This can be felt in every moment of ‘Dirty’ along with a deep nostalgia capturing a long lost energy of underground dance music in its current.

‘Dirty’ seethes with vigour and isn’t afraid to push buttons. An album created to be played loud (try title track ‘Dirty’ and the sassy ‘Dream Of Me’ for full effect), it is the perfect warm up for late night adventures or early morning carry-ons. Packing more than a punch, W!LD opens the ears to his journeys across dancefloors over the past few years and cements his reputation as a true body mover.

Label: Cabin Fever
Cat no: RKSCD002
Released: Monday May 14th, 2012


  1. W Train (intro)
  2. W Train
  3. Apres La Plage
  4. Voyage
  5. Dream Of Me
  6. All I Want Is U
  7. In Love
  8. Dirty
  9. Ça Scotche
  10. Beats
  11. Ficou Loco
  12. En Route
  13. Remember
  14. Ballade A Asnieres
  15. M!am! W!ce (outro)

DJ W!LD became resident at Circo Loco in 2010 and has since travelled the globe with the brand and spent many lost Mondays at the infamous home in DC10 Ibiza. A fixture on Cocoon bookings, W!LD is renowned in the global electronic network  after years spent honing his skills.

Born in the French town Dijon, he was immersed in a world of funk, disco, and groovy beats in the early 90´s and heavily inspired by his hero Laurent Garnier through his residency at L´Enfer. There was no turning back from this point as he immersed himself in this new coming revolution from Detroit techno and Chicago house.

W!LD relocated to Paris in 1996 and became one of the renowned ‘disc-jockeys’ of the emerging scene. He could be seen at The Palace, the Queen and the Rex and was invited to the famous New York club Twilo. After a brief stint living in Brazil, W!ld became one of the leading DJs in the underground gay scene in Europe, providing soundtracks for fashion shows for Thierry Mugler ,Christian Lacroix, and Vivienne Westwood.

In 2005 he created his own label, Catwash with fellow Parisien Chris Carrier and last year he launched his own personal project, W, which saw the launch of his debut album. W!LD has been remixed by many great talents from the burgeoning music scene such as DJ Sneak, Kerri Chandler, Chris Carrier, Hector Morales, Phil Weeks, Chez Damiez and SIS.

Released on Cabin Fever, a label that is famed for tough and upfront dancefloor classics, ‘Dirty’ was the perfect fit to its sound. This special vinyl only re-edit label has previously released a CD compilation but W!LD delivers its first full artist album.

Rita Ora – R.I.P. (Delta Heavy Remix)(Stream)

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Download:Azealia Banks -Fuck Up The Fun (Prod. By DIPLO)

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Download:Azealia Banks -Fuck Up The Fun (Prod. By DIPLO)