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Soso Receives 50K+ Downloads & 130K+ YouTube Plays, Offers Free Album & Video via The Pirate Bay!

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Taking DIY to a whole new level, emerging Swedish indie pop act Soso wrote, recorded, and self-produced each track in the bedroom of her apartment. The result is a record that is lyrically raw yet undeniably pop, and most of all, an intensely personal journey into the heart of Soso. Again taking matters into her own hands last week, she released her new video for album track “Happy People” as well as offering her debut album to fans for free one month ahead of scheduled release via The Pirate Bay! In only 3 DAYS Soso saw over 50K album downloads, 130K+ YouTube plays and brought over 200K fans to her website. “Happy People” is a soulful and bittersweet song evoking an earlier time, when life was simple and free from complication.

Watch the “Happy People” video HERE

Read Soso’s letter explaining why she chose to give her album away and promote via The Pirate Bay HERE

Soso’s debut dares to explore the skeletons we hide in the closet, all while set to an incessantly catchy soundtrack. That Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In China features single Who’s Gonna Love Me,” a slow-building pop gem that battles intimate issues like insecurity and abandonment, with a “fuck-you” attitude. “Joaquin Phoenix” is a one-take-love-song to the decadent actor that Soso recorded impulsively after watching his mockumentary “I’m Still Here” in 2010. The record is alsocut with a number of lush preludes and semi-instrumentals, including “Sab Lackath,”  on which Soso recorded herself crying and edited it into  rhythmic beats. It is clear that within the parameters of her technique, Soso truly invites us to her inner most private places.

Stockholm native Soso will release her debut album That Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In ChinaMay 1, 2012. We dare you not to be moved.

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