Neneh Cherry & The Thing – Accordion (Madvillain/MF Doom cover)(Video)


A few weeks ago, Neneh Cherry & The Thing shared their excellent cover of Suicide’s ‘Dream Baby Dream,’ one of many brilliant covers off the group’s collaborative album, The Cherry Thing, out 18th June on Smalltown Supersound. As the release date nears, they’re giving a further glimpse into the range of this project via the video for ‘Accordion,’ the MF Doom song and perhaps the most surprising cover on the album. The mask wearing MF Doom first uttered these words when he collaborated with producer Madlib on the critically acclaimed, Madvillainy (Stones Throw; 2004).


And a few words straight from Miss Neneh on making the video:

” . . . oh how i DO love to work at night!!! getting the blasted contact lenses in was an emotional thing. F**KING near killed me. you’d think it’d be easy but . . . i wasn’t gonna do the blair witch thing now was i so in they had to go! i was late turning up (as per) so we worked all night. Ted the director was full on enthusiastic and Barca were playing Real Madrid on the laptop… full on. Judy Blame came thru with the outfits & Ian Jeffries socked it BiGTiME on the hair & make up . . .  made an old biddy look like her young self again!  . . . hope Doom gets the joke with the mask…”

In addition to Suicide and MF Doom, The Cherry Thing, Neneh’s first new album in 16 years and debut release with spectacular Scandinavian jazz trio The Thing, features the music of The Stooges, MF Doom, Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, and Martina Topley-Bird, plus original pieces by Neneh and The Thing’s Mats Gustafsson.

Director Ted Says  comments, “we wanted to create an atmosphere that would sit well with the unpredictable music of The Thing and be playful yet creepy. I didn’t want to restrict Neneh too much either – she had to have a platform to do her thing undisturbed. Shooting in darkness, amongst the trees with a bunch of lasers, it was then.”


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