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TOP 50 Promo Chart – April 2012

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Some of the best tracks from albums,ep’s,compilations…arrived at our mailbox extramusicnew(at),
If you want your music at our charts-send your promos!
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1. Peter Power- Red Roses (6:17) INFO
2. 9th cloud – Having fun with your mouth (Machinedrum flouride wash) (Bonus track) (4:23) INFO
3. Jin Choi – She’s Got Gold (7:12) INFO
4. Planet Soap – The Alien from KooleYay (5:00) INFO
5. Vibration Lab ft. Linval Thompson – Tribulation Time (Radikal Guru Remix) (5:31) INFO
6. DJ Zero One – A Night at the Roxy (4:57) INFO
7. CIV034 XLII – Thro-Yo! (Starkey Remix) (4:28) INFO
8. Circulation – Turquoise (Guy J Remix) (8:53) INFO
9. Monica Lionheart – Air and Sea (4:12) INFO
10. Brendon Moeller – Spice (6:47) INFO
11. Vicious Circle & Need For Mirrors – Eyes Wide Shut (5:46) INFO
12. Lexy vs Shades Of Gray – Dondi Bisco (6:40) INFO
13. Stephan Barnem – Alkoholiker am Ostkreuz (7:09) INFO
14. Guy Andrews – Hands in Mine (5:39) INFO
15. Hollie Cook – That Very Night Dub (2:50) INFO
16. Fries & Bridges – Pipe Cleaner (Original Mix) (7:25) INFO
17. Bright Light Syndrome – Somewhere Out There (Pitch Twit Remix) (4:22)
18. The Hudson Branch – What Did I Eat (3:45) INFO
19. Ooko – Downtown (4:55) INFO
20. Samuel H Simpson feat Stereo Paws – Some Mo’ (Joshua IZ Momo Remix) (6:13) INFO
21. Domineeky – Promise Me Love (South Africa Dub) (6:53) INFO
22. Lee Guthrie – Meltdown (Original Mix) (9:12) INFO
23. Marc Miroir – The Morning After (6:49) INFO
24. JD Samson & MEN – Make Him Pay (AKA JK Vocal Remix) 1 (6:22) INFO
25. Body Language Vol 11 mixed by Nôze – Ian Simmonds – The Esel (Dave Aju Rmx) (3:03) INFO
26. Circle – Deep Breath (Original Dagger Mix) (9:03)
27. Geddes Presents mulletover: The Story So Far 2004-12 – Maya Jane Coles ‘Dubchild’ (2:56) INFO
28. Desos – Deep Dancer (Original Mix) (6:24) INFO
29. Roy Ayers – Tarzan (Âme Remix) (6:20) INFO
30. Masterpiece mixed by Andrew Weatherall – Kasper Bjorke ‘Man From Venice’ (5:53) INFO
31. Rhenalt – Reach Out (Rob Salmon Remix) (7:29) INFO
32. Belleruche – Henbane (3:29) INFO
33. Sean Dizzyfunk – Thinking (Toka Project Remix) (6:26) INFO
34. DJ W!ld – Dream Of Me (7:19) INFO
35. Jack’s son – To Clear (5:55) INFO
36. Peter O – Space (6:15) INFO
37. Amirali – My Way (7:27) INFO
38. Demarkus Lewis – Wipe Ur Mouth (6:44) INFO
39. House Of Royalty – 12-3 Gang (4:32) INFO
40. Atari Teenage Riot – Collapse of History (Mustard Pimp Remix) Dim Mak DM291 (5:26) INFO
41. Pig&Dan and Mark Reeve – Violets (7:55) INFO
42. Cocoared & Soulplate feat. Charmaine – Supa Soldier (Colin Sales Deep Club Dub) (5:06) INFO
43. Justin Schumacher – Gate (Audio Injection Remix) (5:16) INFO
44. Martin Eyerer & Alex Flatner – Decent Treatment (Original) (Kling Klong) (7:39) INFO
45. Acid Andee – Discopia (7:17) INFO
46. Los Transatlanticos – Moving Up (Se Me Siento Fine) feat. Freddy Livingston, Pina, Doggy Fresh (4:22) INFO
47. Orphans STHLM & Sticky Stockholm – Guns (6:16) INFO
48. Boddhi Satva – Ngnari Konon feat. Oumou Sangaré (6:20) INFO
49. J Garcia – Fireside Warm-Up (6:35) INFO
50. Pete Dafeet – Rough Rider (7:39) INFO

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Time Dilation – Coming Soon on Soiree Records/Detroit!

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Artist: Various
Label: Soiree Records International
Catalog Number: SRT153
Vinyl Release: May 29,2012
Digital Release: June 5, 2012

A medley of immortally, electrifying, sonic gems assembled to manipulate time and secure a permanent space in your record box.
Drivetrain’s ‘This Toxic Tempest‘ starts the clock with a classic Detroit-Tronic wave of pads and beats accompanied by the unconscious spoken word of poet/vocalist Goddess Stephanie.
CloudMasterWeed’s ‘Love’ showcases impassioned vocal samples atop a thunderous bass with keyboard melodies sprinkled throughout in abysmal syncopation.
J Garcia’s ‘Fireside Warm-Up’ is finely tuned deepness with no compromise to the dance floor. An apprentice to the masters of authentic Detroit electronic soul, Garcia has come of age.
With their debut release, the dual Jay Ramsey and Jennifer Xerri comprise In2itive Motion. ‘Subliminal’ is a smooth expedition through the deep channels of audio seduction.
Time stands still as rumbling subs cut through rich chords.


Moving Up (Se Me Siento Fine) feat. Freddy Livingston, Pina, Doggy Fresh by Los Transatlanticos

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Fusing Latin American sounds with European electronic beats can often produce a bland and rudderless dross destined for derivative lounge compilations and deliriously dull playlists at pretentious after work cocktail bars. Not so with the aptly named 1st Trip, the superb sophomore effort from the equally aptly named “Los Transatlanticos”.

The story of Los Transatlanticos begins in 1996 when the Croatian Born and Berlin Resident Dean Bagar went on a trip to Bogotá, Colombia, where he met Pablo Gaviria and immediately bonded over a common love for Caribbean music. Taking time out from running both a record shop and a label Dean began taking increasingly frequent trips to Bogotá to record jam sessions with Pablo at a local studio, where they’d often be joined by Pablo’s brother, the instrumentalist Alvaro Gaviria. Before long the synergy between both became such that they decided to form “Los Transatlanticos”, named! in reference to both their musical approach and their forced long distance artistic relationship, and formed of mainly Colombian musicians and vocalists.

The outcome of the first meeting of Los Transatlanticos is 1st Trip, a musical fusion of the Caribbean and the European which owes more to Manu Chao’s rebel nonconformist spirit than Thievery Corporation’s slick aesthetical perfectionism – to the benefit of the listener and live audience both – made its live debut at the Berlin Worldtronic Festival in December 2011 to rapturous reception, and will surely herald in a very eventful year ahead for these Transatlantic music friends who will be no-doubt performing at a festival near you. Until then, you can enjoy the raw energy and extravagant sounds of Los Transatlanticos courtesy of BBE Records now. It’s time to jam.

Various Artists – Sonar Musica 2012 (Lost My Dog)(Preview)

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Lost My Dog’s annual jaunt to the Sonar festival comes this year with a five-track sampler featuring a mixture of LMD artists old and new. Like the Sonar festival itself it’s an international affair as label stalwarts Pete Dafeet and YSE (both UK) are joined by last year’s star find Acid Andee (Spain) and newcomers Sek (Greece) and Angelo Draetta (Italy).

Artist: Various Artsits
Title: Sónar Música 2012
Label: Lost My Dog (UK)
Cat No: LMD059
Style: Deep House
Release Date: 11th June 2012

1. Angelo Draetta – Don’t Get It
2. Pete Dafeet – Rough Rider
3. Sek – Feel What You
4. Acid Andee – Discopia
5. YSE – Coloured By Contrast

Jin Choi – A Thousand Whales Of Love

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The album format, in the world of Electronic Dance Music is most often a self-defeating gesture. There is, traditionally, little need for a long-players worth of club bangers and too often artists who try their hands awkwardly at variation and deeper meaning find they have too little experience and come up short, or even empty. Not so with JIN CHOI’s A THOUSAND WHALES OF LOVE. A true artist album, where the artist has so much to communicate that it didn’t even fit on a single CD. All told, 14 songs of emotion using the dance music idiom, but meaning much more.

CHOI’s previous work with ARCHIPEL, LESSIZMORE, CONTEXTERRIOR and his own PRIVATE GOLD imprint have brought this subtle yet forceful sound into a view, but with WHALES there has been extra care afforded to create a vivid multicolored and multifaceted sonic picture for the public to enjoy in places other than just the dancefloor. The album encompasses such disparate genre influences as ambient soundscapes (album opener DON’T LOOK INSIDE), 60s soul (SHE’S GOT GOLD), 80s neon disco soundtracks (eponymous cut A THOUSAND WHALES OF LOVE), smoky and moody blue-note jazz (CIRCLES-DARK MIX), and his often played with tough yet subtle minimalist (but not minimal) house excursions. Truth be told, to pick just a few songs to highlight the album would be a fallacy, as they all fit together into a larger whole.

A THOUSAND WHALES OF LOVE is an album that says so much without saying it through a bullhorn. Full of shrouded emotion teased out of detail, in unlikely forms and places. A treatise on a subject that must be close to the artist’s heart but is left up to interpretation by the listener. Nothing is forced, but a lot is gained. My interpretation: that one can hear the events lived in JIN’s life over the time since he moved to bustling Berlin and changes were abound. At times melancholic and at times hopeful, at times subdued and at times ecstatic.

A THOUSAND WHALES OF LOVE is a proper album by a proper artist. Drink it in.

DJ Zero One to release The Fortunate EP on Vermin Street June 19th

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TITLE: The Fortunate
LABEL: Vermin Street
RELEASE DATE: June 19th, 2012

For the past decade, California producer DJ Zero One has been focused on the intersection of downtempo, hip-hop, and funky sounds. Now he unleashes The Fortunate – an extended EP featuring five originals and five remixes for a full length sound. This release is a full expression of his years of hard work for the forward thinking bass label Vermin Street. We are focusing on the originals this week which range from glitchy, cutting edge underground sounds to funky disco-fied breaks showcasing DJ Zero One’s musical versatility and range. Release drops early June so please let us know if you’d be interested in a feature or review.

1. A Night at the Roxy
2. A Warrior of Peace
3. Inside the Painting
4. Not the Quittin’ Kind
5. Voicemail Warnings
6. A Warrior of Peace (Blunt Instrument Remix)
7. A Night at the Roxy (Bleep Bloop Remix)
8. A Night at the Roxy (Misk Remix)
9. Inside The Painting (Richard Sweat Remix)
10. Voicemail Warnings (Carly D Remix)

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Vibration Lab ft. Linval Thompson – Tribulation Time E.P(Stream)

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Vibration Lab featuring Linval Thompson – Tribulation Time (with remixes by: RSD,
Radikal Guru, Riddim Tuffa and Adam Prescott)

Vibration Lab are proud to present their latest Future Reggae creation, a new and original song by living legend Linval Thompson, one of the most important figures in Reggae music ! With his contributions as a singer, producer and label owner his importance can not be overstated.
This release is Bass Music on a higher level of consciousness! Modern Roots and Subsonic Dub sounds merge with Linval’s sweet emotional vocals that are so relevant in these times. Traditonal production techniques coexisting with today’s musical technology.
This package also contains unique and amazing remixes from the very best producers of Rootstep, Digi-Dub, Reggae influced Dubstep and Future Bass. Pioneers like: RSD and Radikal Guru. Plus the next generation of Dub stars: Riddim Tuffa and Adam Prescott.
The song was voiced at the famous Stingray Studios in London and all mixes were mastered with superior analog equipment at Stardelta Labs, where they have perfected the art of giving digital music warmth and depth.
The combination of future dubsters Vibration Lab and reggae legend Linval Thompson brings a special mixture of organic vintage Roots with innovative Dubscapes. A modern classic sound!
1. Vibration Lab (Original)
2. RSD Remix
3. Radikal Guru Remix
4. Riddim Tuffa Remix
5. Vibration Lab (Dub)
6. RSD Dub
7. Adam Prescott Remix
8 Riddim Tuffa Dub