Various Artists -Movement 2012

The ground-breaking Movement-Detroit festival celebrates its 13th year withMovement 2012, a collection of Detroit´s newest techno talent, curated by Paxahau Event Productions and D Records.

In the world of electronic dance music (EDM), few places hold the historical gravitas of Detroit. Since the birth of techno in the 1980s, the struggling metropolis has seen innumerable milestones in the realm of electronic music, including the hometown triumph of the Movement techno festival.

As Detroit enters it´s fourth decade as a leader in electronic music innovations (and America experiences it largest ever audience for EDM), it is time to add D Records to the long list of leaders who inspire a global audience of music fans that span generations. The compilation you hold in your hand is but an introduction to the latest future sound of Detroit, soon to receive worldwide acclaim.

Movement 2012 offers a formidable roster of fresh-faces and veteran techno talent who are activating yet another wave of Detroit techno innovation. Core artists on the D Records roster, including Joshua Harrison,Ataxia, Keith Kemp, and Secrets (Matt Abbott), are joined by fellow Detroit techno travelers Brian Kage, YOS, Noel Jackson and Kevin Reynolds, as well as Movement talent booker Chuck Flask, and even a new tune by Paxahau co-founder Jason “Jaos” Clark.

Label: D Records
Cat no: D020
Distribution: Baseware
Released: Tuesday May 22nd, 2012


  1. Joshua Harrison – Dissipation of Heat
  2. Ataxia – INRIhab
  3. YOS & Carrera – Gone Deep
  4. Brian Kage – Past Echos
  5. Noel Jackson – I Gave You Everything
  6. Keith Kemp – Cosmic Grooves (Detroit Mix)
  7. V.S.O.P. – FTV
  8. Eric Sutter – We Keep It Movin
  9. And Low – We Dance In Mud Puddles
  10. T & A – Herbacide
  11. Secrets – Explore My Body
  12. Infospace – Super Melt
  13. Kevin Reynolds – On A Clear Day
  14. Prosthetic Hands – No Turns Unstoned
  15. Erika – A Cellular Meltdown
  16. Homak – Welcome Back
  17. Rob Lloyd – The Gorilla
  18. Jaos – In All The Right Ways


Founded in 1999, D Records began life as the first sub-label of techno superstar Richie Hawtin´s M-nus imprint. Formed by a close-knit crew of friends who had dedicated their lives to the city´s ´90s underground party scene, D came into being alongside the inaugural Detroit Electronic Music Festival, a gathering of electronic music performers and fans that drew an unprecedented number of fans in 2000. Since then, the annual festival (renamed Movement) has served as both a celebration of Detroit techno´s history and a showcase for newly matured talent year after year.

Compiled by label manager Ted Krisko (who also appears as one half of Ataxia), Movement 2012 is a collection of tunes, destined to be heard across the stages of Hart Plaza and in clubs around the world. Some of these names may be new to even the most dedicated techno fan, but rest assured that the same tasteful curators who have managed theMovement Festival for nearly a decade have used their unmatched ear for electronic music to collect only the finest of Detroit´s current crop of unsung producers. One listen will have you convinced that the talent coming out of Detroit in 2012 can confidently stand along side the city´s already sizable list of techno legends.


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