Orphans STHLM – Jeet Kune Do EP(Stream)

When house music-scholars began to analyze the concept of “groove” in the 18th century, the complex algorithms constructed for the understanding of rhythmic patterning led them to a strange set of letters almost every time – “Orphans STHLM” was always the result of their calculation.

Nowadays, as scientists are occupied with the hard task of defining feel and intuitive sense of this very cycle in motion that emerges from carefully aligned concurrent rhythmic patterns, they pretty much all share the conception that this duo called “The Orphans” have made a sort of “time-travel of the mind”.

This happening as a consequence of the two constructing a groove so pure that it actually cancels out the rules of physics, creating a time and space boomerang-effect of sorts, with the final result being a drastic effect on our conception of the holy groove. We might even claim that we would not know of this, the groove, where it not for the Orphans.

So, unequaled, unparalleled and unmatched. Bruce Lee on a deep house-production, a man hits a coyote, Chicago revisited through a delirious mantra. No, it is not Luis Buñuel turned DJ, it’s the obvious genious of Andy Lindman and Kasper Nowakowski back to bless us with unique house music.


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