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Vincenzo – Path of least resistance(stream)

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German born Vincenzo doesn’t need much introduction. He is an international Dj, artist and amazing producer coming from a family full of talented musicians. He is the key figure of Steve Bug’s label Dessous and he is also releasing on Freerange, Poker Flat and Liebe Detail. His latest album Wherever I lay My Head (and it’s remixes) was really well received all around the world and high charted on Beatport, WPP, Tracksource and Stompy.
Listen Below two fresh emotional cuts from Vincenzo now on Vibrating Balance. Stay tunes for remix EP coming later this summer.
CAT #: VBEP014
AVAIL : 5/JUNE/2012


Filterwolf feat. Jimmy Edgar & Altered Natives Remixes – Brooklyn Via Montmartre

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Filterwolf releases the first single from his upcoming third album ‘Viva La Rave’, entitled ‘Brooklyn Via Montmartre‘. This single is intervowen with three state-of-the-art remixes from Jimmy Edgar (Warp, Hotflush), Altered Natives (Hyperdub, 3024) and Eduardo D’Alirio (International DJ Gigolos,Filigran).

The original track is nothing short of future house anthem with an elegant and catchy piano melody reminiscent of Detroit hit ‘Strings Of Life’, finest jazz percussions and vocoder action, which all serve to catapult this track into the new sonic spheres.
Jimmy Edgar, a wayward star producer from Detroit, now residing in Berlin, brings his new found club-oriented futuristic sleaze into his rework of the track, making it a giant dancefloor burner guaranteed to clock in over 10 minutes.
Altered Natives, a celebrated producer from London, whose last album was on many top ten lists of 2011, makes a rough and tumble remix, with grimy sub basses and incredible intensity in his original interpratation of the UK Funky style.
And finally, Eduardo D’Alirio adds new sophisticated layers and playful details layered on top of the original track, making it a perfect summer manifesto.

Phace & Misanthrop/Phace – “Progression”/“Système Mécanique”

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Phace & Misanthrop – “Progression” //
Phace – “Système Mécanique”
Release Date: 28.5.12
NSGNL010 welcomes the return of another huge Phace & Misanthrop collaboration in form of PROGRESSION on the A-, and Phace’s audio experiment SYSTÈME MÉCANIQUE on the B-Side.

This single is funky as hell and tops the cargo series off with a sonic delight: fresh sounds, exciting music & arrangements paired with a splash of soul.

Guy Gerber -fabric 64 out June 25th

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Guy Gerber takes an exceptional approach to the latest edition of the fabric series, producing sixteen new tracks, including collaborations with some other talented producers, to carefully craft his own story.

Guy Gerber is notorious in electronic music for being a maverick. Both within genres and musical collectives, the Israeli likes to keep his toes in many musical worlds. From his mysterious 11:11 project to his adventurous and high kudos Supplement Facts label, Gerber’s greatest fear would be to be pigeonholed. Equipped with a sound that is dreamy and layered with emotion, his productions take in his early rock influences such as Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine and his live set was voted one of Resident Advisor´s top 10 acts of the year. Since albums on Cocoonand Bedrock his own productions have become rarer as his tour schedule fills up. So this collection of new material is much anticipated and freshly made over the past two months exclusively for fabric.

“The first time I played fabric was around 10 years ago. The nature of the room make you play much deeper that you would play in any other place. For me it´s a club with one of the best sound systems and it’s run by people that really make an effort to keep the best line ups for so many years, every single week. I´m proud to be part of this legacy.”

The project features collaborations with artists that share Gerber’s poignant spirit such as Deniz Kurtel (ahead of her album on Wolf + Lambthis summer) and Clarian North from the band Footprintz (ahead of their album on Visionquest later this year). These labels and artists are weaved into Gerber’s own current story as his closest peers and co-conspirators. The mix itself is in many ways what you expect from Gerber – driving and emotive – yet in others it builds a new dimension to his style. His use of ethereal vocals in tracks like ‘The Rhythm’ and ‘The Golden Sun and The Silver Moon’ create more resonance and the subtle builds climb higher that he has gone before, soul searching in rolling melodies and echoing drums.

“I always wanted to make an album that is one long composition, kind of like what Steve Reich was doing, and this was an opportunity for me to make the effort and actually try to create it. During this time I´ve been going through some personal changes in my life and I just transferred everything that I felt into this mix. The most important thing to me was to try and create something unique, and to show that sometimes with a change of only one note in the harmony, the whole mood changes. Hopefully I achieved it.”

Label: Fabric
Cat no: fabric126
Distribution: PIAS
Released: Monday June 25th, 2012


  1. Store-House Consciousness
  2. The Golden Sun And The Silver Moon
  3. Shady Triangle
  4. The Naked Hairdresser
  5. Ribbons Turn To Chains
  6. The Rhythm
  7. A Blade Through My Piano
  8. One Day In May
  9. Howling Moon feat. Clarian North
  10. Running Through The Night feat. Clarian North
  11. Lady Falkor feat. Lady Falkor
  12. The Money Shot
  13. Moon Blur
  14. My Medicine
  15. Human Raft
  16. Just Wanna See You Happy feat. Deniz Kurtel

Guy Gerber will appear at the launch party for fabric 64 at fabric on Saturday, 21st July

Zombie Disco Squad share pasta-fuelled video for album title track ‘Brains’

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After the booty-shaking video for ‘Twerk’ released this week, Zombie Disco Squad keep the videos flowing; this time around with less booty and more pasta. That’s right, pasta.

The title track for the debut Zombie Disco Squad album out on 28th May, the ‘Brains‘ video takes the term ‘pasta shapes’ to a whole new level. Think Pingu meets penne and you get the idea. Sadly there’s no happy ending though, because our pasta mates – quite literally – get boiled alive.

Joe And Will Ask-‘Vikings’

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Following a series of notable single releases in 2011, Joe And Will Ask have evolved their production style and signature sound with their outstanding electronic debut album due to be released this spring on Deadly Recordings. The title ‘Vikings’ is synonymous with the two young musicians whom have hosted rammed East London monthly Techno nights under the same name.

Artists like Brodinski, Booka Shade, Zombie Nation, Drop The Lime and Annie Mac hailing them for big things were right – 2012 looks set to be Joe And Will Ask’s year.

Joe and Will Ask celebrate the release of their debut album ‘Vikings’ (set for release on May 21st) with a launch party at Birthdays on 25th May.

For all the info and more check out:


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – American Dream Part II

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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is set to release his long-awaited debut full-length Trouble in the US on June 12 via Casablanca Records, and today he is sharing his visionary new video for “American Dream Part II.” The track, which is also the only instrumental found on Trouble, features TEED’s trademark sub-bass, electro bounciness and washed-out synths that combine to create a stunning piece of modern dancefloor pop.