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LOPAZZ & Alex Flatner – Our Love EP – Get Physical Music(preview)

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LOPAZZ is back on Get Physical Music! After producing “The Pleasure Principle” Album with DJ T and two “Ambient Film Themes” albums as LOPAZZ & Casio Casino, as well as collaborations with M.A.N.D.Y and Gerd Janson (from Running Back), he is now continuing his classic releases on Get Physical, following “Share My Rhythm”, “We Are” and “Migracion” with “Our Love”. This time he has joined forces again with Alex Flatner – the duo have already released several EP’s on Poker Flat and Cocoon Records.
Alex Flatner runs his successful underground label Circle Music, works as an A&R manager for labels like Harthouse and Plastic City and is a highly regarded DJ. As a remixer he has created stunning versions of Gui Boratto’s “Atol” , Terry Lee Brown Junior’s “Pulsar” and Steve Lawler’s “Almerina” to name but a few of many. From Reboot, Märtini Brös, to Joey Beltram, Alex has worked with many respected artists, including of course, studio mastermind LOPAZZ.
The title track opens with a heavy kick groove and a thick jumpy bassline, LOPAZZ’ vocals are thrown in with the percussion to add to the atmosphere while leading the way to some walking organs. “Our Love” takes a very sensual turn, but always maintains it’s firm composure. It will prove to be great mid-set crowd pumper this summer.
When making a fine sauce for any occasion, one has to reduce… the act of cooking things down to the bare essentials… That’s exactly what LOPAZZ & Alex Flatner have done to produce “Just A Memory”. Keeping a strong bassline, and sparse, dirty synth lines to a staccato minimum. “2Night” displays the sensual sides of the two producers, favouring piano against strings and sweet vocals, a great track with a bright, warm vibe to it and a solid end to a tight EP. Ladies and gentlemen we present you with… LOPAZZ and Alex Flatner – “Our Love”.
LOPAZZ & Alex Flatner – Our Love EP – Get Physical Music
1. LOPAZZ & Alex Flatner “Our Love”
2. LOPAZZ & Alex Flatner “Just A Memory”
3. LOPAZZ & Alex Flatner “2Night”
(Get Physical) Release: 28.05.12

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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: Major(official music video)

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Copenhagen’s The Asteroids Galaxy Tour released their sophomore record, Out Of Frequency, earlier this year on BMG Rights. Brandishing a signature sound that infuses pop with psychedelia, funk, soul, and jazz, the band is now blasting into space with their new video for retro-funkadelic album track “Major”. It was filmed at Nalepa Studios Berlin, the old broadcasting house of former East Germany.