Jimmy Edgar – Let Yrself Be

“Let Yrself Be”, the second single to be taken from Jimmy Edgar’s critically acclaimed Majenta, tells the story of, in Resident Advisor’s words, a “nomadic sex fiend” gone clubbing. Two of the album’s more brazen house cuts are the focus, evincing an artist as adept at catering for dance-floor and DJ as he is for the home-listener.

The title track is a beatific cruise through stabs, chords, claps and slaps to a place where ’90s house meets garage vocals, shutters are raised and everyone dances happily ever after. “Heartkey”, on the other hand, shows a starchild at his sultriest. Chugging along with electro swagger and vocoder charm, his claims to be “the only one with the key to your heart” are hard to disbelieve. Lock up your android daughters.

Release date: June 11th 2012


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