Imugem Orihasam – Exude (SFV15)

Imugem Orihasam is one of Japan’s most exciting and driven electronic music composers. With a slew of releases on the likes of Ilian Tape, Sistrum and New Kanada, to name but a few, he is clearly a man on a mission. He started out making hip hop beats in 1997 but by 2000 exposure to Jeff Mills by a close friend ignited a fire that burns deep and blue.
artist: Imugem Orihasam
title: Exude
Label:Steadfast Records
format: Vinyl
release date
Vinyl: 30th July 2012
digital: 30th July 2012

vinyl tracklisting:
A1: 10 minutes ago
A2: exude
B1: 1 PM

Upon listening to these four tracks two things becomes clear, Imugem’s unique vision as well as his immaculate sound design and production sensibility. The tracks are deep but propulsive, futuristic yet filled with emotion. Dive in.


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