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James Kumo – Stagger EP incl.Brendon Moeller, Paul Eg remixes

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The latest from the illustrious New York City imprint Biatch Corp comes courtesy of well-known Manchester producer James Kumo. Kumo, hot of his single “I Understand” for Dan Curtin’s Metamorphic label, gets deep on the Stagger EP with three provocative originals in his distinctive shuffling percussion style. Rounding out the collection are two superb remixes of the title track from Brendon Moeller and Paul EG respectively.
ARTIST: James Kumo
TITLE: Stagger EP
LABEL: Biatch Corp
RELEASE DATE: July 15, 2012

Stagger – Minimal but melodic, deep space pads, and innovative percussion work. This track is emotional and made for the late night dance floor where listeners can really feel the subtle elements of Kumo’s techno.

Raindrops – The natural elements are front and center on this pumping tech-house jam. This track sounds more like a rainstorm than just mere drops but it pulses and flows just like a refreshing afternoon shower.
Last Man Standing – The track evokes the organic sounds of wind and rain with hazy washes of ambiance from analog synths projecting just the scants of melodies. The bass line carries the weight on this ethereal concoction with just enough of a pulse to move things along but subdued like everything else.
Stagger (Brendon Moeller Remix) – Dub techno specialist changes gears for a peppy redo of “Stagger” the brings the summer dance floor heat. Still adhering to the minimal restraint of the original, Moeller uses it as a jumping off point to all places relentless techno resides.

Stagger (Paul Eg Remix) – Brazilian/Swiss artist Paul Eg brings his signature deep tech-house sound touch to this rework of “Stagger”. The result is dubby, head-nodding remix that moves away from the reductive approach of the original for something warmer.

01 Stagger
02 Raindrops
03 Last Man Standing
04 Stagger (Brendon Moeller Remix)
05 Stagger (Paul Eg Remix)

Download:Marco Carola Music On ibiza 2012

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Marco Carola presents Music On every Friday at Amnesia Ibiza from July 6th!

After so many years on the Island, in summer 2012 Marco Carola embarks on a new adventure with Amnesia: The Music On night. Music On will be a tantalizing musical experience bringing the party feeling back to basics where quality music plays on a top notch sound system blasting over a real dance floor.

Music On represents me 100%; Music On is an extension of myself. Its greatest philosophy is to do everything for the love and passion of music. The soul is very important and the feelings give it that special touch, which makes you feel part of the history of music. Ibiza is the most important place in the world for music, it’s where you have the best opportunity to project it to a global audience. It’s a pleasure, a party that represents who I am, my vision alongside other artists who I also consider to be great representatives of the music nowadays.” Marco Carola
Download:Marco Carola Music On ibiza 2012

Download:Jimpster Live at We Love Studio 80 – Sonar 2012

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Here’s a live set recorded at the Studio 80 / We Love off Sonar Party on 18th June, 2012
Download:Jimpster Live at We Love Studio 80 – Sonar 2012

Misstress Barbara – The Right Time(Video)

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Pop songstress and world renowned DJ Misstress Barbarapresents the racy new video for the infectious single The Right Time from her new album Many Shades of Grey. The video has already been added into “Heavy” rotation on MuchMore Music.

The sexy, boundary pushing video was directed by Benjamin Lussier, who has worked with the likes of Kreesha TurnerMV (Misteur Valaire) andWintergloves. It features Misstress Barbara, as well as three other hopefuls, in a waiting room seeking love. In the adjacent room, a surreal sensory experience awaits them. In reminiscence of the album cover, paint is used to depict the sensual occurrence between two patients who show their true colours.

 Misstress Barbara is set to perform on the upcoming TV broadcast Canada Day concert live from Parliament Hill (with FeistSimple Plan and more) which will air on CBC on Sunday, July 1st at 9 pm EST. Barbara will then take over the Montreal Jazz Festival with her performance on Tuesday, July 3rd at11 pm.

Marc Miroir – Hitting Home Remixes

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As Marc Miroir’s debut artist album “Hitting Home” is on rotation on radio stations; featured in magazines, websites and blogs; and played by a wide variety of DJs around the world; Paso Music is releasing the remixes of this very successful long player.
Opening with the Daniel Stefanik interpretation of “Ritterschlag” where he’s taken the original sounds and created a head-nodding 9 minute melodic dub excursion, perfect for those smoke-filled moments. Long-time buddies Pascal FEOS and Frank Leicher give “The Train” more drive, turning the poignant original into a prime-time bomb. The Pornbugs (aka the label bosses of Bondage Music) along with Dole & Kom have produced a more than excellent powerhouse remix of “Eco Quest”, which still features the hypnotic melody of the original. For those of an old-school nature, the fantastic Karotte remix of “Eco Quest” is also released on vinyl, as well as the Einzelkind remix of “Faces”.

Marc Miroir
Hitting Home Remixes
1: Ritterschlag (Daniel Stefanik Remix)
2: The Train feat. Kiki Moorse (Frank Leicher & Pascal FEOS Remix)
3: Eco Quest (Pornbugs feat. Dole & Kom Remix)
4: Eco Quest (Karotte Remix)
5: Faces feat. Andreas Henneberg (Einzelkind Remix)
(Paso Music, Germany ) Paso 035
Release: 02.07.12

Barker & Baumecker album ‘Transsektoral’ on Ostgut Ton+Free Download

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Techno comes in all shapes and sizes, and few recent outfits embody that truth more obviously than Berlin’s Barker & Baumecker. One operates as Barker/Voltek and the other as nd_baumecker. Both solo projects exhibit unconventional takes on techno inflected by the influence of other genres, from glitch to dubstep to ambient and beyond. Judging from their output so far on Ostgut Ton, one gets the idea that these fellows know a lot about electronic music; their label debut “Candyflip” was a 9-minute opus spelled out in broken beats and trancelike tones, the kind of track that seems to reference a million different things in one coherent, confident statement.

It should come as no surprise then, that their debut album together is a many-sided prism reflecting different iterations of techno from all angles. Titled “Transsektoral”, the album name refers to the duo’s ambition to travel across the entire spectrum of electronic music. That’s what they do on the LP, bridging a seemingly impossible gap between the dubby blobs of ambient opener “Sektor” to the effervescent bubbling of the epic closer “Spur,” like happy hardcore unravelled and disassembled into a soothing afterword worthy of someone like Dntel.

artist Barker & Baumecker
title Transsektoral
label Ostgut Ton (Distributed by Kompakt)
date 10.09.2012
format CD/LP

Tracklist CD:
01. Sektor
02. Trafo
03. Schlang Bang
04. Crows
05. Tranq
06. No Body
07. Trans_it
08. Databass133⅓
09. Buttcracker
10. Silo
11. Spur

Download:Paul Pre – Trippy

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Download:Paul Pre – Trippy
01. Jimmy Edgar – In Deep
02. Paris Artelli – 30mg
03. Kings – Trap Musik 1
04. Xxyyxx – Love Isn’t Made (Ft. Steffaloo)
05. Machinedrum – Tmpl
06. Viers – Touch
07. Sbtrkt – Laika
08. Myrryrs – Fantom Doze
09. Joss Ryan – Melancholy Dreams
10. Elan – 2in5four (Low Limit Remix)
11. Salva – Yellobone (Shlohmo & 2kwtvr Remix)
12. Sinjin Hawke & Morri$ – One Kiss
13. Sepalcure – Don’t Cry
14. Evian Christ – Drip
15. Ldfd – Twerk It
16. Sango – Never Ending
17. Arkist – Fill My Coffee
18. Glenn Astro – You’re No Good
19. Gang Colours – Fancy Restaurant
20. Lv & Untold – Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix)
21. Hwood – In All My Days
22. Mizz Beats – Scientific Brainpriest
23. Rl Grime – Go Ahead
24. TEK.LUN – I.O.U

Download:Jesca Hoop-Hospital (Win Your Love)

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Jesca Hoop – The House That Jack Built on Bella Union out NOW

More info HERE

Jesca Hoop Tour Dates

8/07: Los Angeles, CA @ Largo
08/08: San Diego, CA @ Anthology
08/09: Costa Mesa, CA @ Detroit Bar
08/10: Long Beach, CA @ Fingerprints (Record Store Performance)
08/11: Ventura, CA @ Zoey’s
08/12: Santa Cruz, CA @ Crepe Place
08/13: Oakland, CA @ Yoshi’s
08/14: Nevada City, CA @ Haven Underground
08/16: Portland, OR @ Alberta Rose Theatre
08/17: Seattle, WA @ Empty Sea Studios
08/18: Eugene, OR @ Sam Bounds Garage

James Iha “Look To The Sky” Solo Album+ New Song (Stream)

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As a member of A Perfect Circle, the power pop super-group Tinted Windows, and of course, the Smashing Pumpkins, Iha has gathered musical depth and craftsmanship inspired by his many bands as well as his production work with The Sounds, Whiskeytown and Ladytron, to create a new album offering listeners sophisticated pop melodies, lyrical sharpness and guitar driven rock.

Produced by Iha and guitarist Nathan Larson (formerly of beloved indie rockers Shudder to Think) at Iha’s own studio Stratosphere Sound in New York City, the sessions for “Look To The Sky” were designed to create an atmosphere of freedom, experimentation and shared fondness for a variety of enduring genres: from bright, modern rock, to 60s nuggets and cool, clean 80s new wave.

“I wanted this record to be more eclectic and reflect all of my tastes which is why it took so long,” Iha explains. “It was important to me for the record to be multi-dimensional and complex. Being a part of the Smashing Pumpkins, and working with so many other bands and artists since my last album [1998’s solo debut ‘Let It Come Down’] gave me a fresh perspective on what music could be.”

This free and fun environment attracted friends and peers such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O and Nick Zinner, Tegan And Sara’s Sara Quin, Fountains Of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger, Antony & the Johnsons and legendary Television guitarist Tom Verlaine

Working with all of these talented people helped the record evolve in great and unexpected ways.
“Look To The Sky” sees Iha returning as a solo artist after nearly a decade and a half, newly inspired, a little wiser and proud to share what he’s learned and created. “I feel like everything should lead up to something and this is a culmination of my journey”

Download:Drop The Lime – Outlaws

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Ahead of the release of his new album ‘Enter The Night’ (out Monday), Drop The Lime is offering a free download of never-before-heard track ‘Outlaws’ through his Soundcloud page now.

With a passion for bass and a thirst for blood, ‘Enter The Night’ sees DTL riding the range from the ashes of rave into the dark heart of rock & roll. Combining the gunslinging swagger of Ennio Morricone, the techno grandeur of Underworld, and the storytelling prowess of Johnny Cash, his music (like his life) is an epic adventure of mystery, heartbreak, and magic.

The world knows Luca Venezia as a globetrotting DJ/producer and the founder of Brooklyn’s Trouble & Bass label. As Drop the Lime, he’s been fearlessly casting spells over clubs and festivals around the world for years, as well as remixing the likes of Robyn and Moby and producing for Spankrock and Bosco Del Rey. Venezia’s name is synonymous with dance music in New York – born and bred in Manhattan, the glittering, grimy pulse of the city is the main inspiration behind DTL’s now-infamous heavy bass sound.