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David Morales Returns With “Golden Era ft. Roisin Murphy” – the new single from his forthcoming artist album Changes

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David Morales – the original dance music superstar – is back with his brand new single “Golden Era” featuring Roisin Murphy (Moloko) on vocals. This is the first single from Morales’ much-anticipated new artist album Changes, to be released on June 19 on Ultra Music.

“Golden Era” is a disco house hybrid that brings back the vibe of dance music’s glory days while adding a contemporary twist. The original mix matches a warm, summery bassline and Latin percussion with Roisin Murphy’s rich and bluesy tones. David Morales has been known throughout his tremendous career for his ability to write dance-oriented tracks that stand on their own as “true songs“ and not “just tracks” that work only in a club setting. “Golden Era” is dance music for the heart and soul.

“Golden Era” opens the door to a new and exciting phase in David Morales’ career. With interest in dance music now at all time high, Morales has been performing non-stop and gaining inspiration from a new generation of producers and fans. His new album, Changes, documents his transformation throughout the years while revealing that he never strayed too far from his classic sound despite an ever-changing industry…a testament to both his talent and widespread appeal.

In addition to, “Golden Era,” Changes includes the 2011 hits “You Just Don’t Love Me” (YJDLM) featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn and “Holiday” featuring Polina. Never before heard tracks include the symphonic disco-pop of “What Do You Believe?,” big room piano licks on “Planet Called Love,” the warm, Everything But The Girl-esque “Stay,” the massive steel synths on “Last Time” and the tropical thunder of “Keeper,” among others.

David Morales
Changes (album)
June 19, 2012
Ultra Music


1. David Morales and Ultra Nate – ‘I Really Love’
2. David Morales and Janice Robinson – ‘What Do You Believe In’
3. David Morales and Polina – ‘Fall In Love Tonight’
4. David Morales and Roisin Murphy – ‘Golden Era’
5. David Morales and Ultra Nate – ‘Planet Called Love’
6. David Morales and Jonathan Mendelsohn – ‘You Just Don’t Love Me’
7. David Morales and Polina – ‘Stay’
8. David Morales and Polina – ‘Holiday’
9. David Morales and Tamra Keenan – ‘I Don’t Belong Here’
10. David Morales and Tamra Keenan – ‘7 Days’
11. David Morales and Jonathan Mendelsohn – ‘Last Time’
12. David Morales and Ultra Nate – ‘Keeper’

David Morales will celebrate the release of Changes with a special release party in his hometown of New York City at Cielo on Thursday, June 14. This is a can’t miss all star event featuring music by Frankie Knuckles, Hector Romero, Quentin Harris and guest of honor David Morales. There will also be live performances by Polina, Tamra Keenan, Janice Robinson and Jonathan Mendelsohn. This is a classic NYC night out!