Blue Daisy x Unknown Shapes-Bedtime Stories EP

Following in the cascade of hype caused by their free mixtape EPs, Blue Daisy and his collective understudies Unknown Shapes return home for their first EP proper. Bedtime Stories is an immersive nocturnal soundtrack. Here Unknown Shapes beam fractalized neon synth-lines like jagged streams of colour through Blue Daisy’s monochromatic soundscape. The drums come chopped and screwed, heavy and slow enough to carry the purple clouds of sound through your brain. Psychedelic Hip Hop freak out!

Artist: Blue Daisy x Unknown Shapes
Title: Bedtime Stories EP
Cat: Acre036
Format: 12” & Digital
Label: Black Acre
Release: 06 August 2012

A1 Insomniac Love
A2 Bedtime Stories
A3 All Night Long
B1 Wet Dreams
B2 Beautiful Nightmare
B3 Pillow Talk
This record is only available on orange coloured vinyl. Limited to 300.


One Response to “Blue Daisy x Unknown Shapes-Bedtime Stories EP”

  1. […] Blue Daisy and ∇nknown ShΔpes are now collaborating on a split EP for Black Acre. Bedtime Stories will arrive on August 6, and will feature six new tracks. The EP will arrive on orange vinyl, and will be limited to 300 copies. Check out the tracklisting below. [via ExtraMusicNew] […]

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