Le Le – Partytime

Dutch based electro unit Le Le unleash their much awaited sophomore LP ‘Party Time’ in the UK this summer, through Magnetron Music.

Sounding like the quad-lingual love child of a clandestine Chromeo and Ed Banger Records affair, the LP is a cohesive collage of dreamy synths, biting snares, throbbing bass and silver-tongued wit – ‘Party Time’ feels as though it rolled off the fingertips and tongues of three shades-wearing, Gauloises-smoking, and laid back polymaths.

Expertly weaving multiple influences from all reaches of sensual European electronic dance music, from French filter-house to Italo-disco, Le Le pay tribute to many of their intercontinental neighbours both musically and lyrically – rapping and singing in several different languages on the album.

Formed in 2007, Le Le consists of vocalist Faberyayo, a rapper, writer and TV personality in the Netherlands, world renowned graphic & fashion designer/beatsmith Parra, and ex-Comtron and Kraftwerk muse Rimer London. Three successful musicians in their own right, they came together through, as they say, ‘messing around’. The combination of Faberyayo’s lyrical witticism, Rimer London’s impulsive electrofunk beats and Parra’s inventive sampling culminates in a dancefloor demon that oozes European cool.

The album follows the 2008 debut full-length, ‘Flage’, penned “sexy, slinky ‘70s porno-disco” by Data Transmission. ‘Flage’ was a resounding success and the lead single ‘Breakfast’ was named one of the key tracks of the 2008 Miami Winter Music Conference – which lead to the group taking their funk swagger to every major international music festival that year.

Melding multiple tongues, influences and humour to create a cohesive dancefloor filler, ‘Party Time’ is the perfect follow up for this multi-talented supergroup.

Release date: Aug 30, 2012

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