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Marc Miroir – Hitting Home Remixes

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As Marc Miroir’s debut artist album “Hitting Home” is on rotation on radio stations; featured in magazines, websites and blogs; and played by a wide variety of DJs around the world; Paso Music is releasing the remixes of this very successful long player.
Opening with the Daniel Stefanik interpretation of “Ritterschlag” where he’s taken the original sounds and created a head-nodding 9 minute melodic dub excursion, perfect for those smoke-filled moments. Long-time buddies Pascal FEOS and Frank Leicher give “The Train” more drive, turning the poignant original into a prime-time bomb. The Pornbugs (aka the label bosses of Bondage Music) along with Dole & Kom have produced a more than excellent powerhouse remix of “Eco Quest”, which still features the hypnotic melody of the original. For those of an old-school nature, the fantastic Karotte remix of “Eco Quest” is also released on vinyl, as well as the Einzelkind remix of “Faces”.

Marc Miroir
Hitting Home Remixes
1: Ritterschlag (Daniel Stefanik Remix)
2: The Train feat. Kiki Moorse (Frank Leicher & Pascal FEOS Remix)
3: Eco Quest (Pornbugs feat. Dole & Kom Remix)
4: Eco Quest (Karotte Remix)
5: Faces feat. Andreas Henneberg (Einzelkind Remix)
(Paso Music, Germany ) Paso 035
Release: 02.07.12


Barker & Baumecker album ‘Transsektoral’ on Ostgut Ton+Free Download

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Techno comes in all shapes and sizes, and few recent outfits embody that truth more obviously than Berlin’s Barker & Baumecker. One operates as Barker/Voltek and the other as nd_baumecker. Both solo projects exhibit unconventional takes on techno inflected by the influence of other genres, from glitch to dubstep to ambient and beyond. Judging from their output so far on Ostgut Ton, one gets the idea that these fellows know a lot about electronic music; their label debut “Candyflip” was a 9-minute opus spelled out in broken beats and trancelike tones, the kind of track that seems to reference a million different things in one coherent, confident statement.

It should come as no surprise then, that their debut album together is a many-sided prism reflecting different iterations of techno from all angles. Titled “Transsektoral”, the album name refers to the duo’s ambition to travel across the entire spectrum of electronic music. That’s what they do on the LP, bridging a seemingly impossible gap between the dubby blobs of ambient opener “Sektor” to the effervescent bubbling of the epic closer “Spur,” like happy hardcore unravelled and disassembled into a soothing afterword worthy of someone like Dntel.

artist Barker & Baumecker
title Transsektoral
label Ostgut Ton (Distributed by Kompakt)
date 10.09.2012
format CD/LP

Tracklist CD:
01. Sektor
02. Trafo
03. Schlang Bang
04. Crows
05. Tranq
06. No Body
07. Trans_it
08. Databass133⅓
09. Buttcracker
10. Silo
11. Spur