Digitalism – Falling (Official Video)

Digitalism debut new video for original track “Falling”
Directed by Kurt Augustyn, “Falling” debuted on their new DJ Kicks CD release
Coinciding with the release of their DJ Kicks CD, Digitalism today unveiled a new video for their original track taken from their DJ Kicks mix, ‘Falling’.

‘Falling’ was one of six brand new Digitalism tracks that were included on the DJ Kicks compilation. The video for “Falling” was directed by Kurt Augustyns, the director known principally for his repeated work with Soulwax.

Check out the video for ‘Falling’

Of “Falling” and the other new tracks on the DJ Kicks compilation, Jens Moelle and İsmail Tüfekçi, who together are Digitalism, said:

Whenever we do something for too long (in our eyes), we tend to do the opposite next. We did the full concert thing (including live drums etc) last year, and our last album was very song-based, so it was natural for us to make a few new dancier tracks. There was no concept behind the new songs, we just jammed around. Once they were done, we loved them so much that there was no way around putting them on the next possible release. People out there shouldn’t have to wait too long.


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