Stream new Bondax B-side ‘It’s You’ out 26th August

‘Baby I Got That/It’s You’
Just Us / Relentless
26th August

Generating huge ripples of excitement with their truly original sonic sounds, Bondax prepare to debut their next release, ‘Baby I Got That/It’s You’ on own label, Just Us / Relentless on 26th August.

Soaked in Balearic soul, ‘Baby I Got That’ stands layered with ethereal vocal cuts that float above jangly piano stabs and breezy drops. And whilst it’s a tune that breathes easy, it more than packs enough punch for the dancefloor. Sumptuous bass and itchy percussion provide the attitude as they sit alongside that bedrock of house music; the sample. On the flipside, ‘It’s You’ chops up romantic female vocals for a modern-day love song in the only way Bondax know how; rich and otherworldly.

School friends barely out of sixth form, George Townsend and Adam Kaye AKA Bondax released last single ‘You’re So’ on Raffertie’s Super Recordings in March.


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