Download:Turnsteak ( for The Chemistry Magazine) |Podcast


01- Blue Daisy “Drop That sh*t”
02-Luisterwaar “Illuminants”
03-A$AP Rocky BASS (MartyParty Remix)
04-Clicks & Whistles “Endo”
05-DNAEBEATS “ass on my nuts”
06-TuRnStEaK “Get u Get”
07-Ital Tek “The planet”
08-CF 2191 (Deft Remix)
09-Shlohmo “Wen uuu” (Salva Remix)
10-Eprom “Realization”
11-Sub Swara feat Dead Prez “Speak My Language” (Machine Drum Remix)
12-Rumpistol/Red Baron “Talk To You”
13-B-Ju “A Bit Light To Deem remix”
14-Freddy Todd & Black Mic “DragonFLY”
15-Doshy Get started”
16-+verb “Cavernous Portal”
17-Kastle”I know” (Inflect remix)
18-Turnsteak “Engrenage” (XLII remix)
19-Flosstradamus “Hood Fantasy mstrd”
20-Th’ Mole ” I’m Over Dubstep” (SPLATINUM remix)
21-Dreams “Bob Ya Head”
22-Mimosa “Ice Box” feat Nocando freestyle vocal (Turnsteak glitch edit)


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