Cheatcode offers debut EP Select Start as free download

East Coast bass music artist Cheatcode brings years of experience as a hip-hop producer to his debut EDM release, “Select Start”. The EP is a fresh change of pace from the pop brass ring leanings that the American dubstep scene seems to be intent on capturing these days. Cheatcode designs his own sounds with an arsenal of studio gear, bringing beats that incorporate elements of glitch-hop, Miami bass, trap, and even the aforementioned dubstep. The funk that some critics have said is lacking in this style of music is front and center on “Select Start” making it a fresh and pivotal release.

01 It Was Written
02 Without You (Prod. by Cheatcode & Dbl Stndrd)
03 Mercy (Prod. by Cheatcode & J. Schu)
04 Crushed Dreams
05 Heat Lightning
06 Heat Lightning (DJ Theory Remix)
07 Angelic (Prod. by Team Genius AKA Cheatcode and Garrett Sawyer)


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