Dogtanion – Japan


Following the successful introductory single ‘ISLAM’, Dogtanion returns this August with his debut album ‘JAPAN’ on Tape Club Records.

Dogtanion is the musical guise of Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, a musician, filmmaker and artist based in London.

Matthew’s musical roots stem from a variety of musical styles and genres, encompassing UK Garage, Electronica and folk. Matthew’s diverse scope has resulted in him producing a unique approach to Folk music and has led to him performing alongside Lil Silva, Elijah & Skilliam and Anneka at The Nest in London last month.

After studying Fine Art at Northumbria University, Dogtanion was invited to play at Glastonbury festival. More recently, Matthew has been working with the Red Bull Studios London and recently completed a mix for their ‘Introducing’ series, as well as rehearsing at their studio in preparation for his live shows.

As a debut album, ‘JAPAN’ is steeped in creativity. Opener ‘Beast And The Boots’ ebbs qualities reminiscent of Grizzly Bear, whilst ‘Bastard Son’ reveals Matthew’s more experimental electronic side. ‘Islam’ tells the true story of a girl who thought, “Islam was a country”.

As an artist, Matthew is part of the ARKA Group, an arts collective working in film and installation. Having made films for Ideastap and Cornerhouse, Matthew is currently working on a short film to be screened later this year.

Get lost in the surreal world of this modern day poet and take a journey to ‘Japan’ when Dogtanion releases his debut album on Monday 6th August through Tape Club Records.


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