Evokateur – Chime Hours EP



‘Chime Hours’ is the thrilling new EP from London’s enigmatic electro-pop duo, Evokateur. Sinister, yet introspective and intelligently composed, this EP features sumptuous synths working in harmony with Kate Bush-esque vocals and thought out subject matter. The EP also features a remix from electronic talent Fear of Tigers.

Evokateur consists of Hector Villaraus (producer, composer) and Sarah Villaraus (songwriter, lyricist). They achieve a blissful balance between glacial robotic electro and warm crystalline vocals, surrounded by cinematic arrangements, addictive synth lines and layered driving beats.

The sound of the EP has an overall beautiful sheen, but beneath this glitter there is a more leftfield, melancholic and sinister undertow. The music is by turns lush and beautiful, menacing and aggressive – or “Sinister mecha-pop” as Time Out describes. One of their earlier tracks ‘Space’ has already been featured on a German compilation entitled ChillBar Vol. 2 and is available worldwide.

‘Chime Hours ’is the second of three EP releases, following debut ‘Crow’s Wedding’, which was lauded by blogs as a ‘fantastic’ debut. “Sarah’s passionate and, yes catchy, vocals ride so smoothly over Hector Villaraus’ production.” – Electronic Rumors. The trilogy of EPs will gradually showcase their work and form an album’s worth of material.

Their first single ‘Wolf Girl’, which was mixed by Grammy Award winning Dom Morley (Amy Winehouse, Back to Black) and mastered at Metropolis Studios in London, was released in March 2011 and included an industrial remix by legend Gary Numan.

Evokateur have also been tearing up the London live circuit with headline appearances at east London venues like 93 Feet East and have recently performed a slot at Latitude Festival.



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