Duckhunter – Komodo & The Ecclesial Fox LP

New York’s NOSI Music stays red hot, following up the well-received Central Connection LP from Honduran producer Dano Cube with an 8-track full length from up and coming New York techno producer Duckhunter. Hailing originally from the Ukraine, Komodo & The Ecclesial Fox is the young Duckhunter’s debut album for NOSI Music. He is also the owner of UberKontrol Records and has released tracks previously on Derek Marin’s Subtrak label. Komodo & The Ecclesial Fox is a stacked collection of solid originals that encapsulate the growing underground techno movement building currently in New York City while advancing the agenda of both label and artist. Constructed around nimble, innovative bass line work, the LP is a series of techno explorations – from the dark and minimal to the housier side of groove; there is a little bit of everything to please the senses and move the dance floor.

ARTIST: Duckhunter
TITLE: Komodo & The Ecclesial Fox LP
RELEASE DATE: August 2012

01 Grenade
02 Ecclesial Fox
03 Under Pressure
04 Komodo
06 Collider
07 Ulstrich Babaj
08 Command Signal


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