Shamano to release Kepler 22b EP August 3rd on cygnusx1records

On the heels of the #2 on the Beatport chillout chart success of Dinodeuts’ “Get Down (Party Star Downtempo Mix), cygnusx1records returns with a new EP from Shamano inspired by cosmic sounds and in particular the new amazing discoveries about the exo-planets and exo-solar systems. The release takes the name from the KEPLER22b solar system in the CYGNUS constellation, which seems to be the twin of our own beloved solar system. Even the star of the Kepler 22b system seems to be very similar to the Sun. Shamano imagines a journey onboard the ICARUS DREAM MOTHER STARSHIP watching the wonder of creation. This EP is an imaginary trip throught the infinite universe with a tsunami of musical sounds and sensations along the way.

Kepler 22b EP

RELEASE DATE: August 3rd, 2012

FORMAT: Digital

01 Icarus Dream the Mother Starship
02 Carpe Diem the Alleluyah
03 Kepler 22b
04 The Seeds of Life
05 The Lyra Nebula
06 Wow


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