Stream Jimmy Edgar’s remix of Visionquest’s Footprintz

Jimmy Edgar remixes Footprintz next single,
‘Dangers of the Mouth’, released on Visionquest

Long-term friends and confidantes of Visionquest, Footprintz release next single ‘Dangers of the Mouth’ on 12″ today, and Beatport on 27th August on the label.

Taken from their long-awaited debut album, scheduled to drop in early 2013, Footprintz deliver that deep, dark and moody 80s-tinged electronica, blurry around the edges, unable to fit anywhere and everywhere. Accustomed to soundtracking late night sunsets and early morning sunrises, Footprintz AKA Clarian North and Addy Weitzman are school friends from Montreal influenced by the likes of Ultravox, Depeche Mode, 80s B-movies and a hefty dose of artistic licence.

First single ‘Dangers of the Mouth’ is reworked by Hotflush’s Jimmy Edgar who takes the track deep into warped and fuzzy territories.
You can listen


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