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Bob Marley – Jammin (Benny Benassi Remix)(Stream)

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Pig & Dan – Emotions/Let The Show Begin – Bedrock

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If you’re talking about exciting underground producers, two of the first names out of anyone’s hat should always be Igor Tchkotoua and Dan Duncan (aka Pig & Dan), whose distinctive mixture of influences has given them a sound that is both innovative and easily recognizable, since they first joined forces back in 1999. Right now, it seems like there’s a non-stop flow of success in the air around these two musical madmen. Their last Bedrock release (“Machines”) in April 2012 was a Beatport Top 5 smash and now “Emotions”/”Let The Show Begin” raises the bar even higher.
From the twisted vocalized intro to the deep, deep bass and subtle synth hooks and drops, “Emotions” is, quite simply, a soulful electronic masterpiece. Whilst “Let The Show Begin”, with its quirky nod to Mr. Mojo Risin’, displays a more direct and intense percussive edge to the powerhouse Pig & Dan arsenal.
Once again, it’s hats off to Bedrock for raising the bar even higher with each release. In this day and age to not only survive as an independent label, but also to flourish and constantly evolve by introducing new talent and pushing established artists to their creative best, is something that should be applauded.

Pig & Dan
Emotions / Let The Show Begin
1. Emotions
2. Let The Show Begin
(Bedrock Digital) Beddigi24
Release 03.09.12


Download:Johan Reinhold ‘Heart In A Jar’

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Johan is a Swedish indie electro-pop singer/songwriter with influences from Roxy Music to Bowie to Daft Punk.  In anticipation of his EP scheduled for early October he has given away the lead track as a free download.

Debut album from Chilean indie sensations ASTRO (Nacional Records)+Video

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 Astro’s upcoming self-titled US debut, to be released September 4th.

A streaming preview of the album will debut next Monday on NPR Music.  The Chilean indie sensations’ song “Panda” will appear in the upcoming EA Sports video game ‘FIFA 13’ as well as the new Bloomingdales television ad campaign:


Lovely, melodic, reverbed falsetto, epic/dreamlike synth effects and real rock ‘n’ roll drumming.” MTV IGGY

Designers of one of the most universally beloved indie hits to come out of South America in years (“Maestro Distorsión”), Astro is also the protagonist of one of the most divisive young careers in our Iberoamerican pop landscape.” CLUB FONOGRAMA

Astro – Ciervos

PJam – Oxygen EP (BeatCamp)(Preview)

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Artist: PJam
 Title: Oxygen EP
 Label: BeatCamp
 Release Date: 08.10.12
 Format: Digital
1. Bubble Bum
 2. Quantum
 3. SkyBoy
Grime luminary PJam continues his resurgence to the genre with an eagerly awaited instrumental EP that sees the producer experiment with a variety of sonic elements and rhythmic templates.  After last years re-release of Anger Management on Terror Danjah’s Hardrive imprint, he has now focused his attention on his own label BeatCamp, which will be home for his new productions and the Oxygen EPmarks the first instrumental-based release on the label.

Fusing carnival-esque breaks that are usually associated with UK Funky, the ferocious Bubble Bum is a rollercoaster of bongo drums, high-pitched synths and syncopated percussion. Aggressive as much as it is dancefloor-friendly it’s a myriad of twists and turns with the composition of sounds switching rapidly, all of which gives it serious potential to be a staple in the clubs for the coming months.

Quantum takes things into 8-bar grime territory with instantly gratifying drum stabs and futuristic synth melodies that are reminiscent of the purple sound of Bristol and the early grime sounds of Wizzbit aka Geeneus circa 2003. However PJam makes the track his own as his sinister chord progression gives the cut a narrative and his use of euphoric synths have made this something that wouldn’t sound out of place in an early 90’s Sega Mega Drive computer game.

The EP ends on a sombre and melancholic note with the deep and emotive SkyBoy – where the rough meets the smooth for some truly entertaining results. Touching upon elements of dubstep with a sauntering and atmospheric intro that explodes into a flurry of heavy drum breaks and snares, it’s akin to the funk-infused grime exploits of Swindle but propelled by PJam’s Jungle-inspired drum programming.

The Oxygen EP acts as a succinct introduction to the sounds of the North London based producer and will be the first of many instrumentals that will be finally be unleashed from the elusive producers’ archives.

Hizatron & Bashley – Discharge EP – Wigflex(Preview)

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Artist: Hizatron & Bashley
Title: Discharge EP
 Label: Wigflex
 Format: 12” Vinyl + Digital
 Release Date: 28.09.12
Two of Wigflex’s long-standing family members, Hizatron & Bashley, collaborate on the Discharge EP for some masterful strokes in synth-driven techno that further the label’s agenda of putting Nottingham’s rising talent on firmly on the musical map.
Being one of the founding members of the label, Hizatron previously released the HZA EP in 2010 and also contributed to split EP’s alongside Geiom and Metaphi on Wigflex. Since then he’s released on Fat City and Berkane Sol and recently contributed the stellar Dejig to the Electronic Explorations compilation whilst Bashley is one of the more elusive members of the camp but more than makes up for it on the evidence on show in this release.
Lead track Discharge is a head-mangling exercise in IDM techno that is propelled by chaotic arpeggiated synths. Firmly rooted on the 4/4 template it’s a gnarly nine-minute workout that is an intense take on the stylings of Border Community and the like but with the focus on the impact of the basslines.
Baggah Peeds is a highly charged cut with stuttering synths and emotive chord progression that ebbs and flows throughout whilst Coat Angah is the more brooding effort on the release and the duo display their range here with the subtle arrangements of synths and warped bass melodies.
The Discharge EP has been gaining traction after receiving a stellar 8/10 in DJ Mag and with Wigflex’s reputation on the rise in Nottingham and further afield, it’s only a matter of time before the burgeoning record label and club night becomes a byword for forward-thinking UK electronic sounds.

Download:Mishka Presents Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul’s Chrome Lips Mixtape

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Chrome Lips is a haunted house floating in the deepest reaches of space. Chrome Lips is a cloud of weed smoke, twisting into shapes that animate your nightmares. Chrome Lips is Versailles drenched in red light, monarchical monsters roaming its halls. Chrome Lips is the new flesh. The collaborative album from Chicago production duoSupreme Cuts and 16 year old Barbados based rapper Haleek Maul, Chrome Lips is one of the most arresting, dangerously original rap releases of 2012.