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Download:Jon Convex – Xlr8r Podcast 257

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Download:Jon Convex – Xlr8r Podcast 257

01 Unknown “Untitled”
02 Alex Smoke “Make My Day (Lusine Remix)” (Soma)
03 Mesak “Echos Bones” (Klakson)
04 Lusine “Sunset” (Ghostly)
05 Uner “Lapan To” (Cécille)
06 John Tejada “Fading Memory” (Immigrant)
07 Unknown “Untitled”
08 John Tejada “Labyrinth” (Palette)
09 Maetrik “Work It Remix” (Siteholder)
10 Justin Martin “Get Low (J.Phlip Remix)” (Dirtybird)
11 Maetrik “Envy” (Dumb Unit)
12 Jon Convex “Aversion” (Convex Industries)
13 Femme En Fourrure “2003” (Convex Industries)
14 Jon Convex “Four Faces” (Convex Industries)
15 Accent “DX Jam”
16 Jon Convex “What I Need (feat. Velvit)” (Convex Industries)
17 Good Guy Mikesh “Spare (Axel Boman Remix)” (Ki)
18 Maceo Plex “Your Style” (Crosstown Rebels)
19 The Traveller “A100” (Ostgut Ton)
20 Sei A “Mercy Bass” (Turbo)
21 Jon Convex “Idoru” (Convex Industries)



Download: Cardopusher- Xlr8r Podcast 256

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Download: Cardopusher- Xlr8r Podcast 256
01 Maelstrom “USSR” (Sound Pellegrino)
02 Violet “Palmas (Cardopusher Remix)” (Wicked Bass)
03 DMX Krew “Acid Cow” (Turbo)
04 Surtek Collective “Shakers (110% Mix)” (BNR Trax)
05 Jimmy Edgar “Let Yrself Be” (Hotflush)
06 Nautiluss “Mixed Numbers” (Turbo)
07 Nehuen “Bad Automation” (Classicworks)
08 Fast Eddie & Da Brat “Yo, Yo Get Boom (Tommie Sunshine Remix)”
09 Paperclip People “Paperclip Man” (Planet E)
10 Bobby Champs “MINT400” (Pictures Music)
11 Mauser “Jack Orchestra” (Generator)
12 Cardopusher “So What U Want Me To Do” (Classicworks)
13 Chrissy Murderbot “Friendship (Legowelt Remix)” (Halo Cyan)
14 Armand Van Helden “The Witch Doktor (Dark Ages Mix)” (Soul Jazz)
15 Pacheko “Don’t Become a Techno Zombie”
16 Tyree “Nuthin Wrong” (Mojuba)
17 Cardopusher “Wave Function” (Classicworks)
18 Arttu feat. Jerry The Cat “Nuclear Funk (Dexter Remix)” (Royal Oak)
19 Cardopusher “Everybody” (DVA Music)
20 Cardopusher “Hotbox (DVA Remix)” (Classicworks)
21 Otto Von Schirach “Salpica (Miami)” (Monkeytown)
22 Nehuen & Nick Hook “Untitled” (Classicworks)
23 Cardopusher “I Know You Will” (Classicworks)
24 Actress “R.I.P.” (Honest Jon’s)


Download:Shed – Xlr8r Podcast 258

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Download:Shed – Xlr8r Podcast 258
01 Ether “Spiritool” (Phono)
02 Bandshell “Rise Em” (Hessle Audio)
03 The Traveller “A100” (Ostgut Ton)
04 Maurizio “Ploy (Strategic Mix)” (Maurizio)
05 Basic Soul Unit “Soulspeak (Shed Remix)” (Dolly)
06 True False “Do While” (If Else)
07 Resistor “#32500432” (Operation Amplified)
08 EQD “#005B” (Equalized)
09 Untold “Caslon” (Hemlock)
10 EQD “#005A” (Equalized)
11 Wax “30303B” (Wax)
12 War Easy Made “#1”
13 Futurhythm “Phuture2” (Tresor)
14 DJ Joost & Flux “Hydr(o)remix” (Phono)
15 Amanda Splitt “Bearing the Sun” (Pimped)

Stream:Grizzly Bear – Yet Again (from ‘Shields’, album out September 17/18)

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Grizzly Bear revealed their new single, “Yet Again”, on Radio 1 last night, with the track featured as Huw Stephens’ ‘Hottest Record in the World’. The band will also perform the song, which comes from their new album ‘Shields’ (out Sept 17th on Warp Records), on leading US satirical show The Colbert Report this month as part of the recently-announced StePhest Colbchella RocktAugustfest, which takes place aboard the USS Intrepid.

Recorded over the better part of a year, ‘Shields’ represents the band’s most charged and concise collection of music to date and follows 2009’s critical and commercial breakthrough, ‘Veckatimest.’ They headline End of the Road festival in Dorset on Sept 1st, and later kick off an international tour on September 16th, including their biggest UK headline show to date at Brixton Academy on October 22nd. For full UK tour dates please visit Grizzly Bear’s Official Site


Download:Homeboy Sandman “Watchu Want from Me?”

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“Watchu Want from Me?” produced by Oddisee, with additional keys by Jud Nester, is the first sounds coming from Homeboy Sandman’s forthcoming album First of a Living Breed.  We have a video in the works for this track, and the lyrics are below.  Look for a whole lyric book to be published here at Stones Throw’s website.

Download MP3 Homeboy Sandman “Watchu Want from Me?”


Chemical Brothers – Theme For Velodrome(Stream)

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The Bug – ‘Can’t Take This No More / Rise Up'(preview)

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Preview of The Bug’s ‘Can’t Take This No More’ feat. Daddy Freddy & ‘Rise Up’ feat. Inga Copeland of Hype Williams. Taken from the ‘Can’t Take This No More / Rise Up’ 7″, released 27 August on Ninja Tune.

Buy at the Ninjashop: