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Rita Ora – “Ora” album preview

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Due for release on 27 August 2012.

Preorder Exclusive Signed Copies HERE


Jesse Somfay returns under dark alias Borealis with new album ‘Voidness'(Stream)

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Music moves us. It heals, tempers, hurts and exalts us. Yet we always think of it as an after-the-fact product – the soundtrack to a story of things said, spoken and done; a closed sentence. Sometimes this theory is proved wrong.

With “Voidness”, Origami Sound hopes to offer a story that unfolds with you and allows you to patch into something deeper. Something that truly moves us in a most literal manner. We hear the echoes and confuse them for the source – an infinite void where we find total freedom and where we find room to dream the waking dream. There are many words to hint at the majesty of such a thing. We only have one four-letter term that best suits what this body of work radiates.

That term is Love. Voidness is love, agape.

Artist Borealis
Title Voidness
Label Origami Sounds
Release Date 01-Oct-2012
Cat. No FOLD_000
Format Deluxe CD/digital

01. Eye Green
02. Dark Water
03. Orphan Fire
04. Unseen & Uncalled
05. To Hear Her Burial
06. Coal Angels
07. Crimson Purple
08. Not Of This Reality
09. Womb
10. Black Drop
11. Intravenous
12. Nightingale
13. Wearied, We Keep Awake
14. Razor Fragrance
15. Afterswarm
16. Minerva
17. You Were Away
18. Nightfall
19. Morningcell, Still

Download:Owen Howells – The Seen (Original Mix)

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Artist Owen Howells
Title The Seen
Label Shades of Grey
Release Date 20-Aug-2012
Cat. No Shades005
Format Vinyl & Digital

01. The Seen (Original Mix)
02. The Seen (Rico Casazza Remix)
03. The Seen (Dexter Kane Remix)

London’s Shades of Grey recordings return with ‘The Seen’ from label cohort Owen Howells, backed by remixes from Rico Cassaza and Dexter Kane. The original brings a deceptive simplicity; subtle emotive stabs and 808esque beats coalesce around an expertly selected vox and subaqueous bass, before locking into a down and dirty late-night groove, stripped back and ready for the floor. A sure-footed transmission from a producer hitting his stride.

On remix duties, Rico Casazza (Release Sustain, Serialism, Stock 5) continues a winning streak, reworking the track into a detailed, classy slice of tech house. Using hallmark woozy chords, clever sample-work and warm, undulating bass to add an irresistible twist, this is a deftly-judged atmospheric workout befitting a great talent.

To round off the package, man of many monikers Ed Kane brings the bounce under his Dexter Kane guise, turning out the most unabashedly upbeat mix of the trio; a disco-inflected groove with an absolutely irresistible bass line that’ll get the dance moving from here to Bora Bora. Get it!

Shades of Grey Recordings

Stream Etherwood remix of Jess Mills ‘For My Sins’ +Video

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Ahead of the release of ‘For My Sins‘ on 9th September through Island Records, you can now stream a beautifully, blissed-out remix by Etherwood.

Debuted by Friction on his Radio 1 show over the weekend, the mysterious Etherwood showcases the delicate side of drum and bass with his remix, heightening the angelic tones to Jess’s effortless voice; a voice that graced Breakage’s top 40 chart hit ‘Fighting Fire’, released on Digital Soundboy, and Leftfield’s live shows.

Listen to Jess Mills ‘For My Sins’ (Etherwood Remix)


Jess has been slowing proving herself as a talented and versatile songwriter and vocalist since working with Breakage in 2011 and tracks such as ‘Live For What I’d Die For’ and ‘Pixelated People’ have set the stage for her career as a solo artist. Having recently been working on her debut album, you can expect to hear further remixes from Phaeleh and Foamo and RackNRuin’s side project, Gorgon City in the coming days.

And now you can check out the official video of ‘For My Sins’