Download:Owen Howells – The Seen (Original Mix)

Artist Owen Howells
Title The Seen
Label Shades of Grey
Release Date 20-Aug-2012
Cat. No Shades005
Format Vinyl & Digital

01. The Seen (Original Mix)
02. The Seen (Rico Casazza Remix)
03. The Seen (Dexter Kane Remix)

London’s Shades of Grey recordings return with ‘The Seen’ from label cohort Owen Howells, backed by remixes from Rico Cassaza and Dexter Kane. The original brings a deceptive simplicity; subtle emotive stabs and 808esque beats coalesce around an expertly selected vox and subaqueous bass, before locking into a down and dirty late-night groove, stripped back and ready for the floor. A sure-footed transmission from a producer hitting his stride.

On remix duties, Rico Casazza (Release Sustain, Serialism, Stock 5) continues a winning streak, reworking the track into a detailed, classy slice of tech house. Using hallmark woozy chords, clever sample-work and warm, undulating bass to add an irresistible twist, this is a deftly-judged atmospheric workout befitting a great talent.

To round off the package, man of many monikers Ed Kane brings the bounce under his Dexter Kane guise, turning out the most unabashedly upbeat mix of the trio; a disco-inflected groove with an absolutely irresistible bass line that’ll get the dance moving from here to Bora Bora. Get it!

Shades of Grey Recordings


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