Watch the video for King Dinosaur’s ‘The Night’

King Dinosaur
The Night EP 
23rd September

We know what you’re thinking; but leave all your dinosaur-related preconceptions at the door. Brighton based producer, King Dinosaur releases his debut EP ‘The Night’ on 23rd September through Artillery Records.

As beautiful as it is destructive, The Night EP intrigues and invites, the title track floating above a sea of jagged percussion and surging growls, with twinkling textures and ghostly tones captivating from the start.

The Night EP brings beautiful melodies to the fore, accompanied by silky, laid-back grooves. ‘Bolide Impact’ finds solace in decadent percussion and warped, synthetic urges, while ‘Frequency Of The Atmosphere’ and the fragile ‘Float’, offer tender moments for headphones; and when reworked by the likes of Broke One who pitch things down to blissed-out Garage heaven, we get bass-heavy weapons for the dancefloor.

Citing artists such as Aphex Twin and Mount Kimbie as influences, King Dinosaur’s fresh mix of energetic 2-step beats and haunting melodies emphasise his skill at sourcing inspiration from a wide musical spectrum. With a knack for weaving a cohesive strand between ethereal melodies, jagged synths and prickly rhythms, this is one Dinosaur you don’t want to ignore.


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