JAN (Kim Talon of Eagle and Talon) Debut LP + “Work For The City” MP3!

JAN, aka Kim Talon, will release a self-titled debut album on November 13th. With riot grrrl-infused vocals, fuzzed out guitar lines, and blissed out grunge rhythms, JAN is a genre-straddling album that packs a mean punch. Known for being the latter half of art-rock band Eagle and Talon, Kim is now joined by Chloe Saavedra (Smoosh) & Melinda Parks (Har Mar Superstar) when performing live. The album was produced by John Goodmanson (Blonde Redhead, The Gossip, Sleater-Kinney) in Seattle at London Bridge Studios.

Work For The City” opens the record with a frenzied guitar line setting the stage for theatrical vocals.

Download “Work For The City” HERE

Red Crust Ow” immediately breaks into dueling post-punk guitar, while “All Of These Igloos“ is a melancholic song with a sweet melody led by simple piano plucks. The distorted guitar and running bass of “How To Beast” build to an explosion of growling vocals.

4 Responses to “JAN (Kim Talon of Eagle and Talon) Debut LP + “Work For The City” MP3!”

  1. も 自信 に ショップ あなた財布では
    完璧に-換気 スポット。 次、あなた ルイヴィトン の履物をすすぐ 内 は ソフト 方法。ことができます コール それら ルイヴィトン 財布、シープスキン 財布またはオーストラリア羊皮財布。 、さらに 信じられないほど よく知られている ルイヴィトン のブートのラインです、子供の。あなたがそれを言った うまく。 .
    – アウトレット グッチ

  2. クロエ 財布

    JAN (Kim Talon of Eagle and Talon) Debut LP + “Work For The City” MP3! |

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on grunge rock artist.


  4. だから世界で起きてることよりも尊くないとは思わない。

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