Daniel Avery mixes FABRICLIVE 66 – Released 19th November

Artist:         Daniel Avery
Title:           FABRICLIVE 66
Label:        fabric Records
Release:    19.11.12 (USA 08.01.13)
Pre-order:  http://bit.ly/S2dcCd 
There may be lots of people, most of all Daniel Avery, who are surprised at the direction his musical path has taken. A self-confessed late starter to the world of dancefloors, instead being drawn to the guitars of The Stooges and The Smashing Pumpkins in his teens, Daniel Avery has come a long way in a short space of time to make some of the most forward-thinking, original and diverse contemporary electronic music around. Devouring his dad’s record collection from a young age, it was the discovery of Mary Anne Hobbs’ ‘Breezeblock’ show that illuminated exactly what makes club music so special and propelled him to apply as a warm-up DJ at south coast club night, Project Mayhem; a job that showcased his broad and eclectic tastes, and a job that no doubt changed his life. Now releasing on ‘kindred spirit’ Erol Alkan’s Phantasy label and with an album in the works for next year, Avery has quietly but surely cemented his reputation as a producer steeped in musical knowledge, with an innate skill for breaking boundaries with each and every production.
“I feel incredibly honoured to be a resident at fabric. It is one of my favourite places in the world to be, let alone play. Not many institutions can say they’ve successfully supported new, underground music for so long.” –Daniel Avery
A mix made solely for the floor, Avery’s FABRICLIVE 66 is exactly the kind of set you would hear him playing if you walked into any club at peak time. But this is not thoughtless music; there’s a real need to take the listener somewhere with this mix, to take you by surprise and make you lose yourself within the expertly selected tracks. Featuring a mix of new and exclusive tracks alongside Avery’s own productions, this is also a celebration of the labels and artists who have both worked with and inspired Avery on a regular basis. In addition to ‘Effect Tweak’ made with Justin Robertson, you’ll find another exclusive track from Avery’s idol and supporter, Andrew Weatherall – in his guise as The Asphodells with Timothy J Fairplay – made purely for this mix. Alongside Avery’s ‘Naïve Reception’, all three tracks are arguably produced to capture that certain specific dancefloor lose-yourself-completely mentality. Something Avery manages effortlessly.
“It’s rare to be able to take such risks in a club, especially at a time when anybody can mix together crowd-pleasing fodder on their laptop. That’s not for me. I love weird records; that original, lawless spirit of acid house where the music is pulsing but will also throw in some mind-bending, psychedelic elements to knock you sideways and make you lose yourself within it. This mix is my take on that idea.” – Daniel Avery
Daniel Avery will launch FABRICLIVE 66 at fabric on Friday 9th November, alongside Optimo, Kink (LIVE), Tiga, Duke Dumont, Gingy & Bordello, Sei A, Matt Walsh and more TBC.

1Daniel Avery – The Eagle [Phantasy]
2Cowboy Rhythmbox – Shake [Cómeme]
3Telephones – Kanal (Prins Thomas Sure Oppstøt) [Full Pupp]
4Rework – Touch Yourself [Meant]
5Nautiluss – Troubleman [Turbo]
6Daniel Avery – Need Electric [Phantasy]
7Daniel Avery – Naïve Reception [Phantasy]
8Sneaker – You Think You Think [Uncanny Valley]
9Simian Mobile Disco – Supermoon [Wichita]
10Magnets – Game Theory [Kill Em All]
11Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s – Effect Tweak [Solitary Cyclist]
12Daniel Avery – Water Jump [Phantasy]
13James Welsh – Something Borrowed [Join Our Club]
14Daniel Avery – Taste [Phantasy]
15Forward Strategy Group – Elegant Mistakes [Perc Trax]
16JR Seaton – Way Savvy (Gatto Fritto Remix) [Relish]
17Morgan Hammer – Libillule (Matt Walsh Remix) [Clouded Vision]
18Viadrina – It’s OK (Prince Club Remix) [Klasse]
19Miss Kittin – Girlz [Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams]
20Raudive – Dancing And Slaving [Wires]
21Kassem Mosse – Workshop 12 (A1) [Workshop]
22The Asphodells – Dry Heat [Rotters Golf Club]
23Compuphonic – Sequoia [Moodmusic]


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