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Escape From Chicago: Loose Squares Comp Vol. 1(Stream)

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This is the first compilation from Loose Squares-—a showcase of what’s next in footwork and bass music.Escape From Chicago brings together a stable of established stars and emerging producers from just about everywhere but footwork’s birthplace. These diverse producers are incorporating new influences, blurring stylistic boundaries, and showing everybody else what’s next.

A quick run-down of who’s involved: we’ve got Bristol-based bass music pioneer Atki2 (Punch Drunk, Frijsfo Beats, Werk Discs), Russia’s rising star Pixelord (Civil Music, Leisure System, Hyperboloid), Detroit’s Ghettotech legend DJ Godfather (Databass, Juke Trax), Venezuela-via-Barcelona RBMA alumnusCardopusher (Iberian, Shockout, LoDubs), UK bass badmen LV & Mumdance (Hyperdub, Mad Decent, Keysound), and post-jungle experimenters Dawn Day Night & Emilski (Exit Records). Add to this some fresh new faces—-Actraiser, 618, Nickotine, and Hesk, and you have a seriously stunning lineup of astonishing, groundbreaking tunes. Quite simply put, this comp is the future.

Various Artists
TITLE: “Escape From Chicago”
FORMAT: Digital LP
LABEL: Loose Squares
RELEASE DATE: Oct 29, 2012
1. Atki2 – “When Fire Starts”
2. 618 – “Freak You”
3. Pixelord – “Footpork”
4. Actraiser – “Lost In The Jungle”
5. DJ Godfather – “Bring It Back”
6. Nickotine – “Crack”
7. Cardopusher – “Donde Estan Las Mujeres”
8. LV & Mumdance – “Steak Night”
9. Hesk – “Won’t Be Satisfied”
10. Dawn Day Night & Emilski – “Invisible Hand”

thatmanmonkz / The Man EP

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Tone Control Music proudly introduces our new signing ‘thatmanmonkz’. This debut EP, the man explores Detroit inspired deep house with jazz, disco and soul influences apparent throughout. Several tracks feature vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Pete Simpson (Sunburst Band) while title track, The Man takes a heavier sampler/drum machine based route for darker tastes. Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys/M.I.A.) helps out on mix duties to complete this Steel City showcase.

Who is thatmanmonkz? Scott ‘thatmanmonkz’ Moncrieff is a much-hyped DJ who has shared the decks with heavyweights Carl Craig, Grandmaster Flash, Phil Asher, Recloose and Roots Manuva among others. Sharing a flat with Arctic Monkeys and M.I.A producer Ross Orton led to a crash course in production techniques and analogue synths, which inspired him to join forces with Toddla T (Radio 1) to form Small Arms Fiya.

Small Arms Fiya created numerous releases and remixes over their 3 year collaboration which included Jersey Street, Nubian Minds, Roots Manuva, Domu, Mark Rae, The Elektrons and Lo Tek Hi Fi. Their debut EP with Pete Simpson, and follow up with Ayah Marar was received with impressive acclaim from Benji B, Ross Allen and more. Small Arms Fiya re-launched in 2011 after a hiatus which ‘monkz used to experiment with new musical directions. Since then he has been busy producing, arranging, remixing and DJing – headlining Sheffield’s infamous Kabal Warehouse Party, Cargo, and playing alongside Fatlip from The Pharcyde, Hackman, and Martelo.

With this debut solo release, ‘The Man’ EP forthcoming on Tone Control Music, imminent 12’s from his ‘S & M’ project with Daniel Swain, and various remix/production duties, expect big things from thatmanmonkz!

Voyeur – Blame It On The Youth EP(Stream)

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Leeds based duo Voyeur spent early 2012 carving their name on the remix circuit, with reworks for Bombay Bicycle Club and Santigold gaining tastemaker support from the likes of Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Rob da Bank, Dummy and XLR8R.

Their first original output, due on 26th November via Kerri Chandler’s new MadTech imprint, is the sultry ‘Blame It On The Youth’, an 8-minute lo-slung epic. Perfect listening for the impending autumnal evenings, it fuses jazz chords and emotive vocal yelps with a genuine sonic weight, showcasing somewhat of a detachment from their previous Balearic offerings.

On the flipside comes an edit from Kerri Chandler himself, who, upon hearing the track, insisted on adding his own interpretation to the package. Retaining much of the original, Kerri displays a new side to his productions and creates a dance-floor ready cut that will surely become a staple in his future sets. The tribal bounce of ‘Get Up’ completes the digital bundle.

Having already supported Disclosure at their London EP launch and appeared at Dimensions and Gottwood festivals over the summer, Voyeur will support Submotion Orchestra this month, before playing their own EP launch party at The Nest in London on 10th November, featuring a special line-up curated by themselves which will be announced over the coming weeks. Following this, the duo will appear on the seminal Boiler Room on 22nd November.

Piano Interrupted – Two By Four

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Piano Interrupted is the project of London-based pianist and composer Tom Hodge and French electronic producer Franz Kirmann.

Piano Interrupted’s creative process starts from the digital manipulation of musical phrases played by piano and other instruments…

“Two By Four” is some kind of musical summation of the evolution of Piano Interrupted over the past 3 years, from an exclusively studio project (centred around the manipulation of Tom’s piano by Franz computer) to a fully fledged live band with the addition of Greg Hall on the cello and Eric Young on percussion.
Some of the tracks on the album have appeared in various forms on previous releases, but the spirit of the band is one of exploration, mutation, recycling and reinventing and the album documents this journey and how the music has evolved though the years.
“Etude” and ” London Waltz” are more representative of the early days of Piano Interrupted. Recorded as a duo, they are a blend of subtle electronica, skewed rhythms and unusual time signatures, the sonics arguably more cold and the electronic arrangements more prominent.
The rest of the material on the record is played as a quartet, and reflects the progressive change the compositions have undergone through the live concerts and studio experiments.
Three of the tracks (Hedi, Hobi, Bulbus) have a distinctly Tunisian feel as Piano Interrupted were asked to write the score to ‘Papa Hedi’- a intimate documentary film about the life and times of Hedi Jouni, the ‘Frank Sinatra’ of Tunisia, as told by his grand-daughter.
They had access to Hédi Jouni’s original recordings, and samples of his music were used as starting point for the compositions.

Mastering the whole album with Nils Frahm in Berlin was an important decision Tom and Franz made: “ We wanted to finish the record with someone we felt close to in terms of sensibility and who is not only a technician but a great musician and artist- we knew it would give a great coherence to the record.”

With cinematic piano, dreamy soundscapes, fragile and broken melodies colliding over complex rhythm structures, it’s difficult to categorise the musical style of Piano Interrupted. It seems to vary from EP to EP, gig to gig, track to track, even from bar to bar. There are nods to minimalism, film scores and cinematic soundscapes, glitch and ambient, post-rock, neo-classical piano and jazz… The eclectic list goes on but to them in the end, it is unimportant:
“What is important is that whenever we meet, we always try to make music that we believe in.”

Piano Interrupted will play a live date at Radial System in Berlin on December 2nd for the launch of the album.

More on Piano Interrupted:

Bugseed “Soundcraft” – Teaser Download

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Hiphop is timeless, it crosses eras and modes with its freshness, its strength and its authenticity.
Bugseed, straight from Tokyo, is one of the most talented hiphop producers in terms of quality beat productions.
His Soundcraft release represents the chemistry and the legacy of all those golden years through Large Professor,Pete Rock, DJ Premiers … Bugseed is a faithful and worthy soldier from this time.
Showcasing his stuttering spin on hip-hop instrumental, Bugseed demonstrates no shortage of ideas and energy on Soundcraft. This is popping candy for the ears!


01- O-hashi 2
02- Re-person
03- Refreshing
04- Clappppppp
05- Heart wave
06- Bugnus
07- stbb 159
08- Psychedelic
09- O-hashi 3
10- Sukeban
11- Flowering
12- Pizza pizza
13- Robooster
14- 169 remix
15- Bedria neo funk
16- Dance upon nothing
17- Drops
18- Echoes

*Pre-Order Limited CD DIGIPACK for worldwide now on:
Jet Set (Japan)

Download:Paul Davies-Isobelle (+Electronorgtechnica Remix)

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Following a year-long hiatus, Paul Davies is back with a new EP called ‘If You Only Knew’. This self-produced effort began life in early 2011 before being put on hold due to a bout of writers block. It wasn’t until nearly 12 months later, following a stint managing London-based band Raven Beats Crow, that he returned to it.

Recruiting Liam Relph and Robin Peters from the band to help out on keyboards and guitar, along with long-time collaborator Ross Gamble on drums and percussion, recording continued in earnest throughout the first half of 2012. The resulting EP offers an original, and at times experimental, slant to his most heartfelt collection of songs yet.

More Info HERE

Broadcast – Berberian Sound Studio OST on January 8, 2013 via Warp+Trailer+Stream

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Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio has emerged as one of the most critically acclaimed indie films of the year, gaining comparisons to the mastery of David Lynch and Francis Ford Coppola with Time Out London saying the “stylistically ambitious, morally radical, thematically complex work…deserves the highest praise”. This turns out to also be an apt description of the film’s sublime soundtrack, composed by Broadcast (aka Trish Keenan and James Cargill), before Trish’s untimely passing last year.

Initially conceived as the soundtrack to The Equestrian Vortex, the film-within-a-film (watch opening credits here: which Berberian Sound Studio unfolds, it would eventually spill outwards to encapsulate the entire world Strickland had created and populated with eccentric, magnetic characters. On it’s own, the music sets a sinister and atmospheric tone that still exists well within Broadcast’s sonic universe.

The film’s plot, which involves a British sound recordist’s slowly degenerating mental state while working in an Italian film studio, has clearly been one driving force behind the music as has the work of pioneering Italian composers such as Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai. Working closely with Strickland as well as the film’s supervising sound editor Joakim Sundstrom, Cargill wove in sound effects, screams and snatches of dialogue in order to bring elements of the film back into the soundtrack. The outcome is the rare piece of film music that not only enhances the visual, but exists on it’s own as an independent work, and one that is an invaluable edition to Broadcast’s inimitable history.

Broadcast ‘Berberian Sound Studio’ is released on CD, Vinyl & Digital on January 8, 2013. Pre-order from Bleep: & Amazon:


01 A Breeze Through the Burford Spur
02 The Equestrian Vortex
03 Beautiful Hair
04 Malleus Maleficarum
05 Mark of the Devil
06 Confession Modulation
07 Monica’s Fall
08 Teresa’s Song (Sorrow)
09 The North Downs Dimension
10 Collatina is Coming
11 Such Tender Things
12 Teresa, Lark of Ascension
13 Monica’s Burial (Under the Junipers)
14 Found Scalded, Found Drowned
15 Monica (Her Parents Have Been Informed)
16 The Fifth Claw
17 Saducismus Triumphatus
18 The Gallops
19 They’re Here, They’re Under Us
20 Collatina, Mark of Damnation
21 Treatise
22 A Goblin
23 The Equestrian Library
24 The Serpent’s Semen
25 Burnt at the Stake
26 All Chiffchaffs
27 The Curfew After the Massacre
28 Poultry In Mind
29 The Sacred marriage
30 Valeria’s Burial (Under the Fort)
31 Edda’s Burial (Under the Clumps)
32 The Game’s Up
33 It Must’ve Been the Magpies
34 The Dormitory Window
35 Anima di Cristo
36 His World is My Shed
37 Collatina’s Folly
38 Here Comes the Sabbath, There Goes the Cross
39 Our Darkest Sabbath
Broadcast – The Equestrian Vortex (taken from Berberian Sound Studio, out January 7/8)

Broadcast – Berberian Sound Studio trailer – Original Soundtrack out January 7/8