Mario Basanov – Journey,November 26th

– Mario Basanov is one of the main dance icons of Lithuania and gaining big status on the Worldwide circuit for his remixes, solo and coproductions

– ‘Changed’ single (with Vidis) was one of the biggest records of 2011 with close to a million hits on youtube, relicensed for 3 different labels and not leaving MTV Baltic Top 20 for 18 months  

– He won Producer of the Year in the Music Awards 2011 and is in demand from local pop stars for his production

– Consistent support from across musical styles counting fans from Gilles Peterson, Pete Tong,  Jazzanova, Atjazz, Laurent Garnier, Danny Daze, Soul Clap  

– His music has been released on Future Classic, Under The Shade and Needwant

 – ‘Journey’ features collaborations with his past vocalists Jazzu and Stee Downes plus his biggest tracks reworked into new versions.

Mario Basanov comes from a different angle to most dance music producers. He’s one of a handful from Lithuania to make waves globally and has over a decade of experience despite still being in his twenties.

But his versatility is what really sets him apart. His productions have a pop sheen to them sounding as if they’ve been touched by superstars. His‘Changed’ single from 2011 made with Vidis has almost a million views on YouTube and was relicensed to three different labels ( a prime example of his ability to turn dance music on its head and create long lasting hits in an usually disposable genre.

The Nile Rodgers of dance music, he is constantly approached by local pop heroes at home to produce their records. Perhaps it’s that he’s not afraid to make slow music, often less than 100bpm. Or perhaps it’s his adept use of vocals, taking classic voices such as Ernesto’s in ‘Changed’and embedding them with expansive melodies and crisp rhythmic arrangements.

In Basanov’s 16 track ‘Journey’ he exposes new and exclusive records featuring the vocalists that brought him to the limelight, such as Jazzutaking root in the elegant atmospheres of ‘Under Your Feet’ and Stee Downes who features on the more buoyant ‘Say What You Want’,shooting punches through the vocal lines and spinning magic within its synth basslines.

Basanov gathers many talented musicians for his long awaited polished full length, from the percussive master Rahjwanti for the graceful ‘Slip Away’to the feisty Miss Bee and sultry Athena Radford for the anthemic ‘Like A Child’.

These fresh offerings sit alongside revisits some of his biggest tracks to date with rare versions made especially for the album such as ‘We Are Child of Love’ and ‘Lonely Days’, the latter closing the album in epic style, parallel to a modern day Prince ballad.

His consistent and quality production techniques express a style that is both elegant yet enigmatic. His music sits as comfortably in the worlds of deep house, broken beat, nu jazz, disco, as well as the darker territory of acid and electro.

Label: Needwant
Cat no: NEEDCD009
Distribution: Above Board
Released: Monday November 26th, 2012


  1. Let It Go feat. Miss Bee (Album Version)
  2. Skywalker
  3. We Are Child Of Love feat. Minalga (Album Version)
  4. Alone In The Dark
  5. Closer
  6. Something About feat. Edwin Williamson
  7. Like A Child feat. Athena Radford
  8. Interlude A
  9. Say What Ya Want feat. Stee Downes
  10. Slip Away feat. Rahjwanti
  11. Under Your Feet feat. Jazzu
  12. High School
  13. Damn Girl
  14. Mes Souvenirs
  15. Interlude B
  16. Lonely Days (Album Version)

’Journey’ will be released on CD, digital and a special vinyl version that will include exclusive remakes for the vinyl release only. The CD version will include a second bonus disc of all his released singles to date. Basanov will be touring the album to every corner of the globe. In his debut album he walks the tightrope between the popular and the underground and makes the crossing with true finesse.

Tour Dates
19.10.2012 Stettin, Poland
20.10.2012 Riccione, Italy
25.10.2012 Berlin, Germany
27.10.2012 London, UK
31.10.2012 Pecq, Belgium
10.11.2012 Bolognia, Italy
16.11.2012 Thessaloniki, Greece
22.11.2012 Tbilisi, Georgia
07.12.2012 Bucharest, Romania
08.12.2012 Helsinki, Finland
13.12.2012 Guadalajra, Mexico
14.12.2012 Playa del Carmen, Mexico
15.12.2012 Mexico City, Mexico
22.12.2012 The Nest, London
31.12.2012 Barra Grande, Piaui, Brazil
03.01.2013 D Edge Sao paolo, Brasil
04.01.2013 Warung , Brasil
11.01.2013 Murmansk Russia
12.01.2013 Surgut , Russia

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