Kemetrix:‘Soulbrother #3′

RELEASE DATE:2012-11-12

Kemetrix: A new sound from Detroit‘s inner city. Pomelo introduces the Motor City’s superbly talented Kemetrix, aka Soulwerkz Detroit. Part of the Mahogani Music family and closely associated to Moodyman as well as Sherard Ingram aka DJ Stingray, Kemetrix blazes a unique path through soul, funk, ghettotech and sci-fi electro styles. ‘Soulbrother #3′ brings both KDJ’s deepness and Stingray’s futurism to the table, merging both sides of Detroit’s 20th century musical heritage, Motown and Metroplex, in singular fashion. Kemetrix’s influences range from Curtis Mayfield’s falsetto vocal style and social commentary, to George Clinton’s collage production style, and J Dilla’s raw and unquantized beat programming. Kemetrix’s music comes from the ghetto. It is raw, intense, and authentic, a unique expression of the struggle and hardships of Detroit inner city life – true soul music for the 21st century.

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